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A little shopping

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Picked up a few items today at an estate sale. 7117 with a newer Magnum 18, vacuum setup, snow blower, cab (still in box), weights, chains and the sweetheart of it all, a like new generator. Tractor would not start, and had been sitting so they put a brand new 22nf battery in it (6/19/13). I figured I could work on it to get it running. Stopped over by BLT and we put a spark tester on it. No go. Got it home, traced some wires from the engine and one goes to whadaya know, another toggle on the dash that says on / off. So, being the incredible mechanic that I am, I switched it to "on", and sure enough, it started right up, purred like a kitten. ^ I do feel a bit bad for the seller, they didn't know what dad had going on with the tractor, but I did not know either and took a chance on a non runner.8D

7118 2 001.JPG

7118 2 002.JPG

7118 2 005.JPG

7118 2 008.JPG

7118 2 009.JPG

7118 2 011.JPG

7118 2 012.JPG

It must be all of that clean living that's payin' off.








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WOW...I missed the boat on that sale!:(! and to think I call my self a picker!! Great find!...I would have been all over that baby! I NEVER see stuff like that at the sales I go to and I go to ALOT!!..

Anyways, I am happy it went to a club member and a local one at that! What I find interesting is this tractor was picked from a locale that hosts a fall power show every year here in Sussex Wi. I wonder if it ever was at one of the shows in the past?Pretty cool.8D

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Nice job.

That air cleaner looks tight up against the gas tank, might want to put some stiff foam in between so the air cleaner doesn't wear through the front of the tank?

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Well after the standard operating procedures, fluids, filters, grease, fuel shutoff, misc. parts and pieces, and a good bath, she is one nice tractor. She cleanup up beautifully, and other than repainting the hood, I thinks she's all set. A sister to my 7118.So, I hooked up the generator to make sure it actually works after all my talkin' smack. Jumped right up into the green and ran an electric blower without even a grunt. Pretty neat setup.

7118 w Generator 001.JPG

7118 w Generator 002.JPG

7118 w Generator 003.JPG




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The cab I will sell. I have to see if the PO ha a few other parts though. After looking in the box, it has the fiberglass top, new, and the doors, new, but not windshield or rear that I can tell. So I will give them a call and see if they found any other parts.

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Repainted hood, ignition fixed with a Bosch relay, (extra thanx to BLT for the relay and assistance!). I'll keep my eyes open for a matching set of rears and may put a new set of front tires on, but other than that, she's all ready to work.

lawn vac 001.JPG


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