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Deck rebuild

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I wanted to change the bearings on my Homelite 48" deck. So I proceeded to remove the spindals. When I did I found a lot of rust and saw that the deck needed to be repainted......soooooo......long story short, it is still setting waiting to be done. During the cleaning of the deck with a angle grinder and knotted wire whell I injured my left index finger. After going to the ER and getting a shot and the finger bandaged a complication from improper bandaging(story for another day) occured and the progress has been slowed. I was going to post pictures but for some reason can't. I have it painted and I am going to start cleaning, sanding and painting the rest of the parts soon. I left the old decals on for the time being. I am in the process of ordering them from clickitandstickit. I had paint mixed at our local ACE Hdwr. and it came ot very close to the original Homelite Blue. I did not spray it on but rather used a good quality brush to paint it with. Can't get pictures to post or I would show you the progress. After nearly loosing a finger I am proud of how it has progressed. I need to clean the quills and paint them as well as the rest of the brackets. I painted the bottom with Rustoleum Hammered paint after using automotive tpye etching primer of three coats. Just wanted to post some info on the progress. The mechanic where I got the bearings from told me to gently remove the seal from one side of the new bearings and fill with water resistant wheel bearing grease and put the seal back in. They should las a lot longer this time. I figure the originals lasted 41 years so I will give it a try. I don't think I will have to bother with them, maybe my son. Thanks. Roger.

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