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Hills, traction, and ground clearance

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I have been searching the forums for the answers to many questions. I found most of the answers but still have some. I am working on a 64 Landlord.

I have a steep hill to climb to get to my garden and so want to get a good deal of weight on the front end to keep it down while climbing. What are my options both wheel and frame mounted?

In the past on other machines I have installed a second valve stem in the wheels for ease of fill with windshield washer fluid. Pour the fluid in one stem and let the air escape through the other. I am worried about devaluing 50 year old wheels though. I am planning this to be a work tractor "in nice shape" not a trailer queen. What do you guys think?

Someone had mentioned that the rear wheel weights on it were "stackable." If so are the inner ones still available?

I am also trying to find out what the largest tire size is that I can fit to get more ground clearance or if there is an easy way to raise the frame by an inch or two?

Last question... What is the maximum advisable width for the inner and outer tires if using the rear dual tire setup? I would not want to over-stress the axles and axle tubes.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Wheel weights are out there for front and rear tires. Can't help you on tire size, sorry. There is a front counter weight that mounts on the tractors to assist with raising and lowering mid mount and rear mount attachments. There was a member on here reproducing them.

You may want to post and add for the front counter weight in the classifieds.

There is a set of rear wheel weights on ebay.


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If you find that you can't find any wheel weights, you could pour your own weights out of concrete. This does take a lot of work! I would think you could make a weight carrier for the front, and the rear if you don't have any rear attachments. JMO

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My dad's kawasaki mule (UTV) has no issues with it but the old murray mower I had for a bit... you had to lean over the steering wheel and then almost lost steering at the top when going up and since those murrays didn't really have much for brakes (teeny, tiny), coming back down was plenty exciting as well! I could not pull a trailer up with it.

I just drug six 12' horse corral panels up it the other day with the mule though. Unfortunately it needs to return home this weekend C

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For my tractors I made a "U" shaped piece (actually rectangular) that attaches to the flanges on the bottom of the front axle and sticks out in front. I can then hang whatever amount of weight I will need to keep the front end on the ground when pulling a load up a hill.

The tractor that I drag heavy loads with is an ex pulling tractor and still has the wheelie bars on it to prevent a back-flip if the tires catch hard traction when pulling a heavy load.

I also have a crossbar underneath this tractor so that I can put weights on the upper side of the tractor to assist when driving around a steep hill where the tractor would want to slide sideways or try to roll over.

Special purpose, removable, weight racks are very usable and provide added safety when working on steep hills. Take it from a WVa boy who knows about living and working on hills. :D

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