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Worn out holes (serious discussion)

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As if you couldn't tell I'm knee deep in my new to me tractor. Basically all of my linkages that use a basic through hole the holes are all worn out.

What is the consensus on repair? Weld and re-drill? Drill out and install brass/ bronze bushing? I figure if I'm going to try to tighten up all the sloppy holes I would want to make improvements while I'm doing it.

Since I plan on restoring my tractor (at some point)I want to get all the fab work/ mods done before tearing it apart for paint etc.

What all have you guys done to "tighten" things up?

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You can do it either of several ways, depending on your preference.

1. Find a bronze or even a steel bushing that fits the link rod and then open up the hole in the other part so that it fits.

2. Open up hole to make it round and press fit in a solid rod, then drill it to the right size. Large washers will hold it in if it comes loose.

3. Weld up the hole. This is the one method that I try to stay away from, because the welded area becomes hard in some places and not in others. Tends to eat drill bits or break them off. This is why I like to insert a piece of rod then drill it as listed above.

4. If you want to do this by welding, then drill the hole slightly larger to make it round again, then weld up the rod and grind it down to fit the new hole.

5. Drill the hole larger, then cut off the end of the rod and weld on a larger diameter piece that fits the hole.

Many ways to fix a problem. There are others that I didn't mention, but the ones above keep the parts looking like the original ones.

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I don't even know if their still around. Years ago, I kept a tray of "tophat" bushings - steel bushings with a shoulder on them. They ranged from 1/8" to 1/2" - and I could order larger ones.

Say its a typical throttle link rod from the lever at the column to the governor (full sized ag equipment). Both the shaft and the bore are worn so...

You'd get one with the right ID to match the link rod, braze it on, then bore the hole out 1/8 larger, and you are done.

I don't have any now, but I just made one a few months back for a friend/neighbors full sized Allis Chalmers tractor.

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My brother-in-law fixed a couple of mine by inserting a brass rod of the right size into the hole and then welding around it. Then he just drove out the rod.

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I used Rods method drilling the hole larger then welding it in. I tried just welding but like others have said, it kills drill bits. Mine did great with no wear in the 3 years I had it after welding...

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