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Small haul

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Well, over the course of three days I was working closely with one of our fellow Simpletons...lol. With Biggie Rats help we managed to get a few needed parts for the 920 Diesel as well as a rear mount Trac-Vac unit to go with the Trac-Vac trailer I picked up with the 920 recently. Badmoon now has just about everything he needs to clean up the corn husks in the Fall and I'm edging ever closer to a mowing Diesel. I also picked up some miscellaneous parts while I was at it like a set of 3 inch hub adapters that I believe would have been used with a loader, a set of wide front rims that my 6 inch hub caps fit (so far I've come across 4 different wide front styles with three not being 6 inch hub cap friendly), a set of rear tires that are sure to amaze...lol, and a couple 16hp Briggs. One running, the other needing a coil (which is somewhere in the shop tucked away in a box.) On to the photos we're all so fond of!!Seat Pan for Lady Lime


Wide Fronts....6 inch hub cap friendly and sporting Good Years!


Miscellaneous deck parts and a couple stray parts


Rear Tires and spacers (before mounting)


Rear Sleeve Hitch for Lady Lime (other parts needed are on their way thanks to Mr. Osenga!)


Engines..First one runs awesome!



Trac-Vac for Badmoon


And last but certainly not least....Engine 44 sporting the new rubber!





Now that's what I call a Fat Bottomed Girl!! lol...the tires are Titan, made before Carlisle got the molds and they're 24x13x12 mounted on 10 inch rims (10 inches from bead to bead)That's it for now! I hope everyone has had an awesome Holiday Weekend!!!












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Thanks Kenny and simple! I'm tire poor right now. I've picked up 4 sets of rears recently and it's hard to decide which pair I want where..lol. Cheers!!

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Are you trying to tell us you have too many tires and not enough tractors? Or you can't decide which tires should go on which tractors. If it is the former, you know the answer; you need more tractors. If it is the later, we can't help you with that.


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Looks like this is a weekend to get "tired". Just finished swapping a rear wheel on the '69 LL with one from the '68 LL. I think you could say the '69 wheel had a leak, when the air came out as fast as it went in. Good looking seat pan, Buddy.

AND those tires on Engine 44, gives it a "swamp buggy" look.dOd



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dOddOd Love the "Wide Track" look of Engine44 Sean. Nice seat pan for the diesel as well. Looks like you had a good weekend....Dave

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Thanks for all the thumbs up! It was almost as sweet as bringing home a new tractor! But I guess I already did that with Lady Lime....Ah....it's nice to be back in the swing of things. I'd gone stagnant there for a while! Now I'm back in the shop nearly every day and I've got new toys to play with! lol...I refuse to grow up! lol

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There are only two sets of four tires that I bought new. The 4 on the old Squire and the 4 on Ugly-Alice then the wide tri bars on the Old Landlord. All the others were either thrown in with a deal or I paid very little for them. Osenga gave me a set of 26x12x12 Good Year Ags with Engine 44, the other set of the same ags I got with the 920 Diesel, the rear tires on the Old Landlord were an answer to a Craigslist wanted add and the guy only wanted 20 bucks for them, I gave him 30 for his time and they're 26x12x12 Good Year turfs on new rims (Now those rims were expensive!.) I've sold more than I've kept, so I'm actually ahead a little. The tractor fund is almost always funded from the engines and tractors them selves. I find good buys and can still sell cheaper than most and make a couple bucks. The 920 Diesel and cab was paid for with the sale of one of my pistols since the tractor fund couldn't pay for them. That's the back up to my back up plan...lol. If all else fails, sell a firearm or a couple custom knives..lol.

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