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Rebuild or replace carb?

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I just took the carb apart on a 7117 I purchased, only to find what is pictured. I'm not certain if it's just from sitting for a REALLY long time, or if it's from water getting in, or what ... but I'm looking for some expertise. Can I get away with cleaning and rebuilding it, or is it just too far gone to save? If you feel I can clean it, what should I do/use to do so? I figured I could soak it in something, but as far as I know, carb cleaner only comes in spray bottles, and I'm hoping there would be an easier way to clean this much gunk.Also, would you suggest replacing the float along with the rebuild?







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That Walbro carb is pretty "nasty" looking, and I'd be leary about the efectivness of a manual attempted cleaning job with Gumout/etc.

I have used an ultrasonic cleaner along with Birchwood Casey case cleaner to achieve very good results in some carb body cleanings, but things like the tiny idle jet passageways may not be restorable. On a few Tecumseh medium size carbs (problem prone idle circuit rust/corrosion issues, even this ultrasonic treatment did not work). An Oxy-Acetelyne cleaner tip set is a great tool also in trying to clean passageways and flow circuits up:



Here's the ultrasonic cleaner I got last year (and it works very well compared to the Harbor Freight cheapo ones, IMHO):


Maybe a "good" used carb with the seller showing accurate pictures (bowl off) might be a safer bet going forward in this situation.

Tom (PK)

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It is pretty bad looking, you could try cleaning it but in my opinion I'd find a good used one, maybe ebay, and either use it as is or but a kit in it. The problem I see with one that is really rusted is after cleaning small pieces still come loose and plug up the thing and then the motor runs bad if at all.

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I attempted to rescue the carb off of my 12HP I/C. wasted $ and time on rebuild kit, and wound up buying a new carb online ($138). The original sat for an indeterminate time in the PO's field. and the bowl looked like it contained vanilla pudding, when I first opened it.


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Alright, so it sounds like replacing it would be best. Does it need to be the exact same carb? If so, aside from the kt17, kt19 and kt21, did any other engine use these?

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