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Quite possibly the best day so far this year

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I haven't been on the site much lately, been kind of busy.My father is retired, and is apparently going to spend the rest of his life making firewood. He has a bum foot, and climbing on and off his B Allis is rather dangerous. I found a WD on CL with a 5' brush mower, really cheap but needed a clutch, his eyes lit up when I told him about it and he said "That would be easier for me to get on and off of, if you want to buy it I will finance it for you." So off I went.Been busy getting it up to par for him, today I delivered it.First thing we did was use it to haul my 416 back to where the rains washed away some of the corn that was planted in the corner of a field across the creek. We have a bow/rifle stand right there, so hey, waste not want not, right? Loaded up

working 001.jpg

I love plowing with this setup

working 003.jpg

Its official, I need some ags for this tractor.

working 009.jpg

The stand goes in the tree right by where I am with the tractor

working 010.jpg

Preparing the seed bed under strict supervision from my 4 legged boss

working 015.jpg

Packing it down for good seed to soil contact

working 018.jpg

Should be a sweet little patch for the split toes, provided the rain dosen't wash this away as well.

working 021.jpg

Well, might as well try out the brush cutter

working 038.jpg

That thing works awesome. I also picked up a sickle mower for about 1/4 of what a sickle for a garden tractor gets, when the guy said he had to dig it out of his shed where its been settting for 20 years, I thought he meant move stuff out of the way to get to it, but he took a spade and physically dug it out of the ground! A little stop at the car wash, dumped a little waste oil on all the pivots, and took it for a short trial run to see if its worth any time and money. Seems O.K., just missing a few small parts and needs some TLC.

working 047.jpg

That puppy has more lives than a cat- in one afternoon he almost got ran over by two different tractors, and almost stuck his schnozz in a tiller, a brush mower, and a sickle mower.At any rate, I would do this kind of stuff all day every day IF SOMEONE WOULD JUST PAY ME (hint hint)Thanks for looking.Now I have to get back to restoring that B-10, no more excuses now that it stopped raining.










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      Good morning peeps! I’m always searching for helpful information with my AC collection. Hope to find out new information and pass on my own experience in restoration. Here are some pics of my babies. I’m still looking for front rims for the 410 so yesterday I put the 310 wheels on took it for a drive. Working pretty good but still needs some carb work. Gotta get the 310 running next. Have a great day!😁

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