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Tiller tine shaft removal

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I've seen a few threads about this over the years, so I thought I'd share the method that I came up with to remove these.I slid a large bolt into the shaft tube to take up some of the space (I used a longer bolt for the outside shafts). I drilled a hole a little ways into the bolt first to give the puller something to seat in so that it stayed relatively centered and didn't slide around. Then I just attached the puller and hit it with the impact wrench. Two of them were stuck on pretty good, so I heated them up with my torch. They popped right off then.

Tiller 1.JPG

Tiller 2.JPG

Tiller 3.JPG

Tiller 4.JPG





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quote:Originally posted by tadams

ouch, looks like blood on thumb.

id="quote">It might be. Though, I don't remember cutting my thumb that day. Maybe it's just some grease or something.

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This is how I do mine. Your way looks great as well. I weld nut on the end of tine shaft. I heat the tine shaft red hot and remove with impact.




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