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After a long wait, i finally got a ...

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1964 Simplicity Landlord!!! Well, I'll start from the beginning:On Thursday, I went over to my friends grandparents house. He has a lot of cool stuff! My friends name is Kendell, so Kendell has wanted me to come over for a while now, so I did. My original plan was to go over there and help him with his old sears tractor. On the way to there house, the grandfather told me he had a 110 B. So I was pretty sure he meant B-110, so I asked what color it was and he told me it was yellow or was yellow;) Then he told me that he had another old orange one that was very heavy. O.K. now I'm intently listening. So I ask a little bit more, and he doesn't know much about it. So we get there, and I defineately want to see this "old orange tractor." It was buried in weeds, and I found out it had been outside for about 3 years and mostly covered. So we drag it out and by now I know it's a landlord, and I was pretty sure it was a 64' So I ask him whose it is, and he says it's Kendells. Kendell had asked me before if I would sell my 728 and I told him no. But now the tables had turned. I offered him a trade, I offered him my 728 w/attachments, for his landlord. He agreed. So I brought it inside the grandfathers shop to look at it. And I took the plug out and I didn't get any spark. I took the points cover off and I saw that the gasket was cracked, so the points had rust on them. I found a file and took the points off and as soon as I took them off, the little points cable snapped off. So knowing that nobody had a spare set around the shop, I repaired it, I soldered it back on. Then I cleaned it up, put it back on and still no spark, so I figured the plug might be gone, so I put my finger on the 2 prongs, and the other hand on the starter buttonsm00 and then I landed on my :|| Kendells laughing, and he jumped more than I did. So i found another plug, and it started on starter fluid, but I couldn't get gas to go through. So I took the carb off and saw that the main jet was snapped from someones carelessness before. So i knew I wouldn't get it started until I got it home where it turns out I had a a spare. So I got it home the same day, and I got the 728 out of here. I took the carb off and I put all new parts of what I had. New gas line and a filter is all it cost me to get her to fire right up on one pull! Everything is there including lights! Except the stiff throttle cable that goes from the carb to the governor linkage. I mad one that will fit for now, but it's not the correct one. If anyone has one please let me know. Everything is in original condition except I'm pretty sure someone put new rings in not to long ago. That thing has great compression.Here are some pics:











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Great Find !!!:) There's nothing like a 64 Landlord. I just picked one up with attachments last month. There's so much more power compared to my 63 Broadmoor. You'll love it. One word of caution I found with mine is to check the bevel gearbox for play. Mine has an inch of movement when you turn the rope start pulley on the right side of the BGB before the driveshaft to the engine starts to react. Check out ZippoVarga's video on youtube "Part 1 of 3 When buying a vintage Simplicity or Allis Chalmers Garden Tractor". If it self destructs before you rebuild it may cost around $400 to fix if the parts are available, I read about another member on here that had that problem. Also if its in gear or with the brake on & engine off & you can rock it back & forth several inches It may have play in the axle keyways which can lead to a cracked axle tube or a problem in the differential. JoggerFogger had a post with this problem called Differential Slack. Sorry I'm not sure how to insert the link for this yet.Sorry for the long post I got carried away.

Great Find,


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Thanks everyone, and I did check for play in everything and I found very very little play in the bgb maybe an 1/8 inch or less. I do have play at the rear driveshaft coupling the one with 4 holes and it looks like a disk. The holes are wollowed, but I am going to fix that in a little while. I'll post my ideas in talking tractors.

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