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Bringing a 3210V back(8/7 Transmission not fixed?)

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This is going to be my first attempt at resurrecting one of these tractors from the dead. I most assuredly am going to have questions and need some help. That is why I started this thread.

A few days ago I brought a 3210V into my garage. I have had it for 1 yr tarped behind my shed.

I want to mechanically get it going, and then work towards restoring it.

I will post some pictures later.

I have started going through the basics. Last night I drained what little was in the BGB and transmission, and refilled with fresh oil.

Tonight I am doing the engine oil.

This 10HP Briggs has the fill spout directly above the drain plug.

My 3112V has a dip stick, the 3210V does not.

When is the 3210V engine full on oil? Where is the full mark?

I checked the manual, but could not find anything on engine oil.


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You fill it up until oil level is visible with the cap removed, use a flashlight.It comes right to the top of the short spout/fill orifice.

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Here is an overview of the 3210V.This is how it looked pulling it out from behind the shed. I had a tarp on it for 1 yr.

08032013 020.jpg

It has moved into the garage with the 3112V and the ST25.

08032013 024.jpg

08032013 035.jpg

Last night night I changed the oil in the transmission and BGB.

08032013 063.jpg

The oil did not look good in the Transmission, and it was very low, and had a bit of water in it.

08032013 070.jpg

I have some questions coming.






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Tonight I cleaned out a mouse nest from under the blower housing, and filled the engine oil up.

08032013 057.jpg

Here it is cleaned out.

08032013 099.jpg

I also removed the bent mid PTO bracket and free'd up the rear spring from the PTO belt guide.

08032013 096.jpg

08032013 105.jpg

Here are some close ups of the carburetor.

08032013 080.jpg

08032013 081.jpg







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Here is a look at the variable.

08032013 087.jpg

Here is a look at the unconnected PTO and the drive shaft.

08032013 084.jpg

Here are the spare parts I have to conncet the drive shaft.

08032013 072.jpg




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I will try to articulate my plan to get the 3210V functional along with my questions.

As I see it, there are two major issues at hand.

1) I need to get the engine running.

2) I need to get the transmission working properly.

As far as the engine goes, I am looking for some guidance on what is critical to get started.

I plan to install a fuel tank. Clean and set the points.

Change the spark plug.

Clean out the carb

Install a S/G.

Wire up the ignition. Install a choke and throttle cable.

Have I covered all the basis for the engine side of things?

Is there any easier way to start with the motor?

If I grab the front PTO shaft, the engine does turn.

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As far as the transmission goes.

I have gotten familiar with the variable adjustments, and am confident I can get that adjusted.

There is a problem.

The shifter appears to move into all three gears and reverse, however when in neutral this tractor is extremely hard to push. The transmission does not seem free.

It is like a cog or ratcheting feel. My 3112 moves easily in neutral.

The 3210 feels like it is in a gear while the shifter is in neutral.

What is likely wrong here, and how do I fix it?

Any advice on how I should approach this project would be appreciated.


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Any idea on what could be causing my transmission issue above?

Neutral is a bear of effort to move the tractor.

What can I do at this point to diagnose this issue?

Can it be fixed without splitting the tranny right now?

The BGB spins freely.

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Take the belt off and see if the driven pulley is trying to rotate, if so this is an indication that it may be stuck in a gear even though the shift lever is in neutral. If not then jack up the rear tires and rotate those in and out of gear and see/feel what is going on. Does it push hard only when turning (differential locked), or also straight ahead (could be a gear inside came loose).

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so your saying no neutral? my guess would be one shift fork is out of range one way or the other not good I think there is a fix for just this condition on here

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Thanks Mike and Dennis,

I will try taking the belt off and see what happens.

It does it both straight and turning.

Dennis I think your likely right. I think it feels the same no matter where the shifter is.

Will the bent screw driver trick likely be the fix?

My guess is this is part of the reason I was given this tractor for free from the PO.

Thanks, that helps me know what to do next.

Oh Yeah! Dennis Spyder 400K, welcome to the club!dOd

This guy has already helped me a lot and hooked me up with a sweet axle tube! :D

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Transmission Update:

I took out the fill plug on the top.

Shined a light in there, and played with the shifter and gears.

Over time, although difficult, I could clearly see the ball sliding in between the front fork 1st and 3rd, and moving them side to side, next I could also see the ball sliding in between the rear fork 2nd and reverse, and moving them side to side. Then back into neutral and right up the middle.

The bent screwdriver trick does not appear to be the fix here. It seems I can get all 4 gears in this tractor.

Another thing to support this, is when I am in any one of those gears, the tractor will not move at all, will not budge a bit.

When in neutral, it is a bear to move, but it will move with some cog and ratcheting action.

At least I'll know how to fix a tractor stuck in gear if that arises in the future with the bent screwdriver. Special thanks to Zippo for the video which helped to educate me on how to check for this.

Any other ideas?

I have not jacked it up yet, I need to buy a floor jack ASAP and jack stands.


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