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Conquest PTO Clutch

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Looks like the PTO clutch was causing a lot of problems, bench tested it and it reads 2.1 Ohms with a acceptable range of 2.5 to 3.0 Ohms.

Is that far enough off to be bad?

Could this PTO clutch have caused belt problems? The dealer mechanic seemed to thing that I was tearing up belts because the deck was not level. I put the deck on the other Conquest and it seems to be fine.

I read on the internet that Simplicity had a bad batch of PTO clutches on the early Conquest tractors, is this true?

Can anybody tell me the Simplicity Part Number for this clutch? The sticker on it says MA-GT JD24 with "108" underneath.

Did the Landlord and the Conquest use the same clutch?

Thanks in advance

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quote:Originally posted by Les

Thanks to Bob BLT Part #1686883

id="quote">Les I am taking a long shot that is correct number. You did not give out a tractor product number. I took a shot at the age of Sam's machine to get a number.

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Thanks Bob, I was able to get on the Simplicity site and download a parts manual, the number was correct and it is a different PTO for the Landlord.

I believe that this PTO has been giving me grief(torn up belts and charging problems) for the past two years and I was looking elsewhere for the solution. Was just wondering if anybody else has had the same problems, as it is not intuitive to suspect the PTO clutch when you are tearing up belts and not charging. Even a factory trained Simplicity mechanic at the dealership did not clue me in on that one, he suspected that the deck was not level.

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There have been posts about the PTO clutch causing problems if the process is not grounded correctly. What happens is the motor ends up being grounded via the PTO clutch which trashes the bearings and the block.

The electronic clutches when not functioning properly can and will draw many amps. Which in turn can destroy a battery.


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Thanks Rick,

My specific question is:

With the PTO clutch off of the tractor, I am reading 2.1 Ohms where the service manual says that it should read between 2.5 and 3 Ohms. Will replacing the PTO clutch solve the belt eating and charging problem?

With a reasonable expectation of certainty of course. Keep in mind that I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, just an old hog farmer trying to keep his sanity, and it is debatable if I ever had sanity to begin with.

Maybe I should go back to a Sovereign, mechanical PTOs are much easier to understand than an electric PTO

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