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Fiber Disk Assembly Part Number and Photo Request

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I just finished rehabbing the rollers using the Yates rollers on my 42" deck and took it out for a test run and the rear fiber disk that couples the drive shaft to the BGB blew. Wow that was fun! I just hope it didn't do any other damage in there. Sure was loud! I'm going to tear it down to get to it this weekend. I was going to check a couple of shops tomorrow and see if they had the disks but I don't know what the new part number is. It's a 64 landlord. Anyone know what it is?

Also, if anyone has a photograph of the correct assembly of it I would appreciate you posting it. I had done a search and someone said if the washers are installed wrong against the disk it will prematurely fail. I just had it apart recently and replaced the BGB and I may have reassembled it wrong, causing it to fail. If I did, I'd like to avoid making that same mistake twice. Thanks in advance!

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I have the washers assembled different ways on a couple tractors, with no problems on either. I have one tractor with the sharp edges against the disks and that one has been that way for over 20 years with no disk problems. I have two other workers with the round side of the washers against the disks, and I have had no problems with those either. These are the three tractors that I have used the most, so the washers have worked either way for me.

The single item that causes more failures than anything else is pulling tension on the driveshaft when the washers are bolted up. This puts a lot of stress on the flexdisks and will cause a fatigue failure and the disk will delaminate and come apart. Best way to prevent this from happening is to loosen the set screws on the yoke that sits on the input shaft to the tranny so that it can slide back and forth on the shaft. You then tighten all the bolts that go through the disks. After the disks are fully bolted down, you can then re-tighten the set screws in the yoke. That way there is no tension being pulled on the driveshaft to overflex the joints.

I always make sure there is no tension on the driveshaft whenever I bolt up a driveshaft on one of my tractors.

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Thanks a lot for that advice! I did just the opposite of the way you said and tightened the yoke on to the drive shaft and then the bolts on the disk, so I probably did just what you described. What little I could see inside of the drive shaft tunnel it did look like the disk had delaminated, but I won't know for sure until I tear it down. Thanks again for the quick response. I'm sure it will help when I put it back together as long as nothing else got torn up in there (crossing fingers).

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