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2013 tractor line up

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today I got my tractors out for a little sun.





Here's a group picture


Now off to the bone yard




Hope you all enjoy the pictures. I even had all my attachments out as well but guess they did save on my phone. but one good thing did come from it was a good time to clean up the shop good.


I have'nt seen it this empty for several years. But after getting everything back in there I have room to work in peace again.










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Nice collection Bryan dOd the fleet seems to have grown since I was there..?

(I need to ask you about a couple parts in the bone yard):P

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Looks awesome Bryan!

I need to get mine out for some sun and water(wash) them but they still would not be as nice of pics as your group!


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:o I think you have been the victim of a tractor invasion Bryan. Quick, get out the heavy artillery before it's too late!!!:D...Dave

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Chris, Well up on wheels I have 28 but yes 16-17 in the shop.

Dave, no the heard is thin I have had more then this at one time before. But I'm pushing my limits where I wanted to be by winter but oh well

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It's a private Tractor Show! I like the woodpile 'privacy fence'. Is that to keep folks from stopping out front to look? I bet the farmers stop like kids at the zoo. I know I would....my head's on a swivel everywhere I go, and a yellow or orange sighting nearly puts me in the ditch. (but I still haven't seen that post hole digger mast sticking up out of the weeds yet)

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Ya is was like a small tractor show. Had 14 ppl stop to look. And they all thought the ones out front were cool but when they saw the bone yard along the wood pile they were all pretty much speechless not knowing I had so many. But several of them asked how in the world do you have them all in your shop and still have room to worm on them. But I still have plenty of room to work in there after I got it all cleaned and setup a new way and it's great now. Let's just think with the 16 I had in there was always tight working in there but now I could put 4 or 5 more and still have some space to work if needed. Think there will be one coming in from the bone yard yet and then time to be set. And stop buying and just keep buying the attachments:)

But I just can't say no when I find a good deal. And your correct Josh I'm watching for that posthole digger as well someone will find one some day. Really hope I can be the lucky one

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