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I have read the Legacy is going away after 2013 - any truth to this?

If so - I'm thinking about buying one this fall. What I'm interested in is the 60 inch deck, foot control, power steering and the full floating deck.

This tractor would need to last a LONG time and likely would be the last new garden tractor I would ever buy.

I'm thinking this:

Air cooled Kohler engine vs the liquid cooled engine or the diesel engine. Reason is - I've read the liquid cooled gas engine and the diesel can have cooling issues, my BiL had a liquid cooled kawi engine and had much radiator problems. A simple air cooled engine would have none of these issues and should it ever need to be replaced, likely an easier/lower cost fix.

60 inch deck vs 61 inch fab'd deck vs 48 inch deck. I gather the 60 inch deck is a tried and true Simplicity design. Anyone know if it is the same deck used on the Sunstar tractors? After fixing the 50 inch deck on my Landlord, I've really got an appreciation of the amount of stress that Simplicity decks place on the front axle and pivot pin. My concern with the 61 inch fab'd deck is - it is much heavier than the 60 inch deck and don't know if Simplicity beefed up the front axle assy to handle the heavier load. I'm also thinking that 60 inch parts decks might be easier to find if the same 60 inch deck was used on the Sunstar tractors. 48 inch deck is not an option as I need as much mowing width as possible and if I were to use one in that size range, I'd go with a Prestige or Conquest with a 50 inch deck.

This would be a dedicated mowing machine. No need for 3 pt hitch, rear PTO or FIL. The tractor would be used for camp duty where there is now a lot of grass to mow. I spent over 2 hrs with a 42 inch deck tractor the other day and only got half of it mowed. A 60 inch deck ought to speed things up a bit. One thing to note is while we try to mow once a week, sometimes it is necessary to mow every other week and sometimes that grass ain't dry, i.e. thunderstorms crop-up, dew falls, etc. So sometimes there aren't ideal conditions for the 60 inch deck - hopefully this type/design deck can handle it.

Not really interested in a zero turn. Nothing against them, just like a garden tractor.

Any significant differences between the Sunstar and Legacy - other than foot control and sheet metal styles?

So that's my dream tractor - don't know if I'll pull the trigger, but am looking.

Any advice or comment would be much appreciated.



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Legacy is a much much more comfortable tractor to operate than Sunstar. No contest.

My 1998 Leagcy is a liquid cooled kaw . Does run alot cooler than air cooled. But as you say, would be costly to repair if broke.

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Don't know about cooling issues, but the diesel will take a lot less fuel. It may well be apples and oranges, but the old 7790 uses about half the fuel the 917 does doing the same work.

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quote:Originally posted by 427435

the old 7790 uses about half the fuel the 917 does doing the same work.

id="quote">Agreed. I have not heard of issues with the diesels in the Legacy. For a long term, high hour machine, I would strongly consider it. Plus, they have the cool factor going for them, kinda like the garden tractor vs zero turn rationale. A zero turn would be the way to go, or a compact with a 7' flail mower.

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The last few years the Legacy made a change with how there attachment are mounted (even the deck is different).

Finding a older style attachment might not work with a newer models is something you need to check out.

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Doing some traveling for work today and stopped in a dealer an inquired about a Legacy. Firstly, none of the dealers within probably 100 mile radius of where I live carry the Legacy. Only a few stock a Prestige. It seems the favorite tractor is the Conquest and Broadmoor.

Back to my stop at the dealer....

The dealer told me he had not heard they were going to stop making the Legacy. I can't recall, but he might have said they were going to drop the diesel, but he was sure the Legacy wasn't going away. He thought the Prestige might go away - remember the Broadmoor and Conquest were his hot sellers. I asked him to quote me a Legacy with the 60 inch deck and he said Simplicity was out of them and were not going to continue with that deck next year - the 61 inch fab deck was going to replace it. He said there would also be other changes, most notably fab decks were going to become more the norm from what I gleaned.

While he didn't have a new Legacy on the lot, at his service shop, he had an older Legacy in for service and he let me have a look-see at it. Really the first time I've paid attention to it. The biggest thing that struck me was mounting points for the front of the deck to the huge cast iron front axle. It sort of resembles the Sovereign design in that there are two clevis' the deck mounts to and is secured by pins - again like the Sovereign. These massive clevis' are cast into the axle. On my Landlord DLX and my Dad's Prestige, the deck attaches to the front axle via a J hook arrangement on the front of the axle. There is no doubt in my mind the mass of the Legacy's front axle would fling around the 61 inch fab deck - no problem.

This older Legacy had the PTO to the deck coming from the front of the tractor, whereas I think the newer ones have it coming from the rear - perhaps coming off the transmission? Wonder why the change?



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