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Counterweight for loader tractor

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Was doing some driveway gravel work today with my 720 loader tractor. Noticed one of the rear tires (high floatation type)was leaking fluid. They have RV antifreeze in them as counterweight. Dry rot. Need to buy a new tire, not cheap, Farm & Fleet quoted me a little over $300 with shipping. My question is whether it's worth the extra effort, etc. to refill with fluid. Pretty hard to handle as it must make the tire weigh well over a 100 lbs. What do you other "loader" guys do for counterweight? Looking for ideas.


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Hi. Best way to load fluid is to pump it in through the tire valve. Any farm tire service could do this for you, but you need to have a tube put in first. They generally use a calcium solution and it eats the rims if put in without a tube. If you have a 3 pt hitch, the easiest way to make a counter weight is to put a 3 pt drawbar through a 5 gallon bucket and pour it 3/4 full of concrete. Instant removeable counterweight.

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You can get suit case weights at Lowes fairly reasonable and some times on CL cheap. They are not to bad priced at JD either. The bracket shouldn`t be all that hard to make. or make a weight box and use sand. Sand is definitely cheap.Below is a weight box I made. Can also be used to load stuff you buy at shows or yard working tools.



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Lot's of good ideas. Since I do have a 3 pt. hitch, I'm leaning towards using that to carry some weight. If I don't like it, I can always go back to fluid in the tires. Took me all afternoon to get the fluid out of the old tire. Tip tire up, sit on it, watch fluid come out of stem for a minute or two, lay tire down, wait for air to go back in, repeat, repeat, repeat.............at least I could watch football on the TV in the garage while "working".

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I don`t paint attachments orange. I paint them black. I have different color tractors and orange attachments don`t look good on green tractors! This will not rust if I don`t ever paint it. It is metalized with zinc. I did think about painting it black the other day and it will be black before winter.

I do have four simplicity suitcase weights that are black and I wouldn`t waste my time loading a tire with washer fluid.

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My little experience with glycol filled tires= I hate them! The tube leaks and the air goes where you dont want it and if you decide to change them yourself you wind up with 10 gallons of semi-hazardous waste you must dispose of.

Plus it puts a real load on your transmission. I would prefer alternative methods to place weight where I want it.

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