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18x8.50x8 Front Tires on 700 Series AC

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I had front tire problems with the tri-ribs that I had been running on the front of my AC 713S. Didn't really have the cash to buy new tires, so I installed a set of 8.50s that were spares for a golf cart.They can be made to fit. Don't look bad, and may be my new choice for tractors that I mow with. They don't steer any harder than the 6.50 tires do.These may be my new choice for front tires for most of my tractors. I have quite a few of the golf cart tires around. Probably have 4 or 5 extra pairs.


Front View:


The only problem that I had was with the tire rubbing on the top of the pivot arm that the drag link attaches to. I ground it down as much as I thought was practical, but the tire still rubbed. I then removed the wheel and placed a coupl washers behind the inner bearing to push the wheel outward. I now have 1/8 inch clearance between the tire and the axle.


I just want to let everyone know that this will work with only minor modifications. In fact I think these tires look really good with the 26x12x12 tires that are on the rear.




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quote:Originally posted by Brettw

That will affect deck cutting height, but they look good!

id="quote">Anything over the lame 3" height would be an improvement.

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Looks nice RoddOd

Gives the tractor a really wide stance.

I saw 18x8.50's on a 1450 cub cadet 2 weeks ago and thought it didnt look too bad. Wondered what it would look like on a allis/simplicity.

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Brettw, The tractor has been sitting outside for about three years, under some maple trees. The drippings from maple trees will completely destroy a paint job. It is worse on rattlecan paint like I painted that one with, but it will also ruin the paint on a car. Been there too.

It wouldn't have hurt to wash a lot of the dried dirt and grease off of the tractor before I took the pictures. There is paint that peeled off the blue Homelite dash and the pinkish-purple rear fenders that I recovered from a pulling tractor.

The picture in my profile was only a few months after I had finished putting that tractor together and given it a new paint job. I have to get some things done around here so I can get my tractors back under roof. This is why I haven't been back to my rebuild jobs in recent times. I don't want them sitting outside after a new paint job. Too many projects and not enough time or money. That 713S has been my mower tractor ever since I built it. It is hard for me to keep a working tractor looking good.

I will eventually get back to my tractors. I actually plan to re-paint that 713S and my 716H as one of my first big tractor projects. Right now function is much more important than looks on my work tractors.

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I like it dOd....but it does look like it will float sm01

I was gonna put my Sunstar fronts on my AC416 loader but they're not quite that big...

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