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mower on AC312H


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I don't recall there being different blade sizes but someone may have substituted aftermarket ones which may be OK if thet still overlap about 1/2" and come pretty close to the housing. How does it cut the way it is?
I beleive 300 series was unique to AC.
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Can anyone help on the proper blades for my deck
It has a serial # of 04203049 and the tractor has a
serial # of 04801399. There are 2 blades the same with a # of 2734 on the blade and 1 blade of a different length with a # of 0775. I want to know if these are the right blades or not. Also is there a simplicity equivalant of my tractor. I can't find one in the cross ref or don't know how to use it properly. Thanks for the help. Great site, used it lots since I got my AC
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Just looked up some part #s for 300 & 400 series mowers. All of these numbers are available at Simplicity dealers, however I don't have any idea how many other dealers stock them.
300 series mower;
42" blades 1607536 no Sim equiv.
48" blades 1607369 no Sim equiv.
42" arbor belt 1603077 use Sim 108209
48" arbor belt 1603075 this # good
42" PTO belt 1606190 use Sim 108209
48" PTO belt 1604406 this # good

400 series mower: Same as above except PTO belts
42" PTO belt 1607812 this # good
48" PTO belt 1607813 this # good
If you have a 300 or 400 series parts book they will show the first # which AC used. the #s I crossed are no longer good and cross to the numbers I showed. Hope this is of some help. Good luck, Al
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