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Late Model Rumely

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I'm looking for help with ideas for a project thats been bugging me,if you are not in to mythical tractors you may want to move on.

Suppose when Allis Chalmers bought Advance Rumley in 1932(?) they decided to continue with the Line as a loss leader for the main Line of tractors.

Suppose they had a Rumely Model during the B-Series Era,or basically anytime between 1958 and 1970.

First of all, what color would it be? The last Production Rumely was a gun-metal blue.(According to the Rumely Experts everyone thinks their shade of color is the right one but no one really knows)

Round fenders? There would have to be a distinct Brand Styling to the tractor,Higher older-style air cleaner,front grill that resembled an earlier radiator,quasi-simulated spoke wheels with a two-tone red and gray color scheme,perhaps louvered side panels from front to back with alternator/starter either protruding through or relocated?

Last, who is currently making the best custom decals and can take special orders?

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Ok, so what are you considering.

A garden tractor that looks like an Oil Pull?

Something that Rumely would have produced if it were still in business?

What would the engineering team have done to the tractor to update it as needed to be competitive in the market.

I gather it would be powered by a hit and miss engine and have steel wheels. yes??

I've seen steel wheeled Pennsylvania Panzer tractors and I thought that was a novel thing to do to a small garden tractor.

I'm thinking out loud here.:D:D

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Since Allis Chalmers purchased Rumely the models would have been close, much like the JC Penny Squire is to the same Simplicity and Allis models.

It wouldn't be an Oil Pull, more like the "Do All" or the "Rumely 6"

Yeah, looking for an appropriate Allis or Simplicity to ruin with this crazy notion.

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I've had similar crazy notions, with a different brand in mind, and the appropriate AC to ruin (but cannot jsutify the time yet). I'd look forward to the build, if you do it!

I see what you'res saying...so more along the lines of the DoAll or AC 20-35?



I like the color on this one better, but I like round fenders


Good looking Rumley 6A...


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Man, Mr Green, that is exactly what I'm using for inspiration and those are pics I haven't seen before, I really appreciate it!

Yes, Rumely was entering the Modern Era in their tractor design when Allis Chalmers bailed them out and discontinued production. Allis just wanted their LaPort Plant.

I don't think a latter-day Rumely would be a big departure from a B-10 or a B-1 but perhaps use a few styling differences such as round fenders, color and badging. I see a B style seat in black without armrails as well as skinnier ags.

This project will happen by mid 2014, I will keep you posted.

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:DPhil; AC wanted the Rumely dealer network to sell their tractors to an established cliental. The LaPorte plant was a bonus....Dave

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