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new guy w/5216H questions

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Hi, i recently bought a 5216H, 16hp B&S I/C twin with a 36" deck and a snow-blower as my main yard tractor. Now that i have used it for a couple of months and have gotten used to it's personality, i am in need of some help please... the first thing I've noticed is it sounds like the starter is dragging when i start it up. It sounds like something is rubbing when the starter is engaged. 2nd, is the pto pulley supposed to make racket when your foot comes off of the pedal and it's engaged? 3rd, it is backfiring every time i shut it off, not so nice flame out of the exhaust. I pulled the solenoid off of the carb to clean it but there is no rod. the next thing is it won't idle down anymore when the throttle is pushed all of the way down. sounds like about half speed rpm's. and for now the last question is....after running it for a couple of hours cutting grass and i shut it down, it smokes at the front of the motor. I know it has an oil leak but i haven't determined from where yet; is there a common place they are known to leak at?

Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge. I love the way this tractor cuts, once i got use to H drive i really like it as well. Even the 80's model seems to be very well made and i'm looking forward to blowing MI. snow with it down my 1/4 mile drive.


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