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Robert Kehoe

Gas cap float

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I got one from Jack's a few years ago. Previously I had ordered one off of Ebay that was listed for a 2010 Landlord, but was way too short.

The one from Jacks is an exact replacement of my original.

I'm trying to help it last longer by putting a plastic cap from an aerosol can over the gauge when it is being used outside to keep the sun off of it.

If you measure exactly, you shouldn't have a problem with Ebay or Jacks. You just have to be wary of the "Fits All" type ads ;)


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I just bought two on ebay for about $18 each, after shipping. they will fit the 3000 and 7000 series. Fortunately, they were in their original packaging: Sten Part # 125-153. Replaces Simplicity 2171252, with or without the SM.

I recommend taking a googol on Sten parts. I did this last year when the plastic idler pully on the Sovereign's drive train melted. I noticed the Sten logo in the background of the overpriced idler pulleys on Ebay.

So I googoled for Sten idler pulleys, and bought several steel ones on the basis of size. Paid about $15, instead of the $37-40 asked for elsewhere.

It didn't dawn on me to try it on the fuel gage.

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