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PS Hydro valve plumbing pics

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Brett,Thanks much for posting the pics. The pics you posted don't match the PS install directions for the "T" install:Replace the Line to the Lift Control Valve1. Install the Tee Fitting onto the OUT port of the lift controlvalve (see Figure 26).2. Install the replacement hydraulic hose assembly leadingfrom the tee to the pump—attach it to the straightport of the tee fitting.3. Route the hose under the frame and then up to the leftwhere the Foot Rest will be reinstalled. (The lines willbe secured to the foot rest by a bracket in a later step. Attach Line from Steer Motor to Lift & Valve1. Locate the line from the cylinder with the 90° fitting.2. Route this hose into a curve to allow the fitting to comeinto place above the tee.3. Attach the line to top port on the tee. (see Figure 26.)


Fig 26 shows the "T" branch facing "up" and the instructions indicate the 2 lines should connect opposite to your factory install. There was no way to do this with the "T" branch "up". To make it work I had to rotate the "T" branch "down" and getting the hoses in without interference was almost impossible, but I managed to do it:


After my install, some pics from Burntime showed the same "T" install detail as yours. I shared this info with SmilinSam before his PS install and he confirmed the hoses went in much easier NOT following the directions but using the layout in Burntime's pics. So thanks again for the confirming pics. I'm going to reference this post in the Tech Tips post about the PS Install Instuctions. And maybe one day I'll change the hose locations. But it's working and not leaking, so atm the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies.


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