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Help with Briggs carbs on horizontal engine

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I have a briggs carb that I believe came off a 16 HP single cylinder from a 7016, howere I want to be sure. How do I tell? I don't see any numbers. It looks just like my other 16 HP Briggs carb but I want to be sure. I can post pictures later.

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Most of these carb are pretty much the same.

I have a carb on a 10hp that is believed to have

came off a 14 or 16hp.

Works just the same as the 10hp leaker I toke off.

If you use the elbow that's on it now it should work ok.

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I read on here the other day that there is a difference in the throttle bore diameters. I believe it was in reference to the 10hp carb vs the 16hp carb. A guy on here that does, or knows a lot about pulling was talking about it, I don't know his screen name. I'll have to have a look in my Briggs book tonight and see if there are any ID methods.

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Either will work but the large flo-jet is required for the 16hp to make full power.


Medium flo-jet on the left and a large on the rightI'm not sure of anyway to tell them apart by the outside, and after 40+ years I would crack it open anyway to check condition and that it wasn't previously swapped.


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The only way to tell the 10/12 hp from the 14/16 carbs is to open them up and measure the verturi. The 14/16 hp carb is(if memory serves) around 5/32" larger in that area. That is the only difference you will see. I really wouldn't worry about putting the 16hp carb on a 10 hp so long as I had the short 2010/2012 intake as its shorter length and smaller opening will mask the venturi somewhat. You may lose a bit of below 2200 rpm power but by 24/2600 rpm you will be equal and at 3600 rpm it will act more like a 11 hp.

If you guys want to use carbs from one engine to another use the short manifold with big carb on small motor and the 16 hp intake with the small carb you really won't notice a lot of difference, unless your running bigger valves, relieved ports and shaved heads, that's when this gets important.

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