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parts for Model 19 briggs and stratton

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First off welcome to the clubdOd

I don't know if this helps you, but this link has diagrams and part #'s but I'm not sure how many are available.


Then you can plug in those #'s here in the "Shop parts" box or in the keyword or # search in the top left of the page.


Also this may help as well;


I saw somewhere on a different forum that model 191401 was a newer parts source for the model 19 briggs, but I don't know how true it is. Here it is on Jacks, this has the valves and rings available, but I don't know what and if it fits.


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Welcome .. You are going to be impressed with this site !! Discovered the site in 2005 when I bought my 64 Land Lord.

All those parts are still available from Briggs !!

Ring set = 292100 List 28.70

Intake valve = 23836 List 24.35

Intake valve = 23835 List 24.35

I only have the ring OEM set and would 21.00 - including - shipping if you want it. Email ghargrav@twcny.rr.com

Someone here may be able to match up the valves if we had diameter, length, seat angle and retainer type. If your originals look good they could probably be easily re-seated.

It is amazing such an old part no is still available. As cheapo as I am that option looks good. Finding a savvy Briggs parts person may be a problem.


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yeah if you call up briggs parts center, and say I have a model 19 briggs, or model 23 briggs, they will tell you that there is no such thing and that you need at least a 6 digit model #. It is definetly hard to find someone in the parts department that knows anything about these.

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