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3212V and two weed cutters

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Just yesterday I picked up a non-running 3212V with two decks and a pair of weed cutters for $200.









I'm going to try and fit one up to my 3416 and the rougher one is going to get broken down and get a proper restore. It looks like the previous owner may have used them more for brush cutting and less for weed cutting, but I can work that out. In the mean time I have to figure out where all this stuff is going to live for the winter!









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Wow I sold 1 weedcutter for more than that!

You'll need to change the hitch for it to work on the 3416. An RBT snow blower hitch should do the trick. I wouldn't recommend cutting up an original hitch! You could easily sell one weedcutter and gain a free tractor and weedcutter!

Oh and they're good on brush up to an inch or so!

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quote:Originally posted by Robert Kehoe

How do sleep at night?

id="quote">I'll bet he doesn't...and not from guilt, but from excitement becuase he has so many stolen toys to play with out in the garage.

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Thank you all for the kind words! :-) I got one of the weedcutters into my workshop for a clean up restore over the winter. I opened up the belt cover to find two hornets nests and some slow to rise, and rather annoyed, hornets coming back to life from the heat. Needless to say they got the heart going and I was able to dispatch them while remaining unscathed.A previous score yielded me two throwers so I have an extra hitch that I'm going to use for the weedcutters on the RBT. (Can't use both at the same time anyway!) I wouldn't rip up an original hitch just on principal. I see too much disrespect for these things, I don't need to add to it.I've listed the tractor and the bolt together deck on CL in a half hearted attempt to sell it. I've never driven a V and I really want to, so I've been tinkering and have gotten as far as getting it to run on ether. (The coil conversion was only half done.) I need to get the fuel tank off as well as the carb and clean them out. I want to get this thing running, but I'm a little fearful that I'll want to keep it once I do. It's got a lot of spirit; once it started up on ether the lights came on and as silly as it sounds, I took that as a sign that she's not done and wants to do some more work. What's a fifth tractor at this point? :-)



The garage is tight with the two ready for snow, but I should be able to get this in one of the sheds.


The icing on the cake was the 3212 had a stray tiller drive on it. That would be the second one in a month that I got by accident. Now all I need is two tillers without drive pulleys!




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