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Head gasket question

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I was watching a you tube video and a guy was showing how to install head gasket change on a Kohler engine, very similar to mine.

In the video he stated that a mechanic told him that the numbers on the gasket are to be installed to the back side.

One of my gaskets was replaced with the newer improved design gasket and was installed with the numbers facing back, but the old design or original gasket had the numbers facing outward.

Is there any truth to this number location or just a myth?



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Every head gasket I've ever seen will only fit one way...the bolt locations aren't simetrical so you cant flip it over...If yours can be flipped then it shouldn't matter if its not marked with "up" on it. sm01

Most importantly;

*follow the tightening sequence

*torque the bolts properly

*I use no goo on a head gasket, like permatex. so you can remove the head for cleaning the carbon build up if needed.

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