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A different set of duals!

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Fabricated some dual spacers for my B-1, just like I did for my B-10.


Made some studs to replace the wheel bolts

dually assembly 001.jpg

Threaded them into the hubs. On the left side, I put a nut on the back side to lock them down, but there isn't room on the diff side.

dually assembly 002.jpg

Then, put the wheel back on with lug nuts, and put the diff screws back in."You keepin them torqued to 20 ft. lbs.?""Yes Mr. Dealer, I've read the manual."

dually assembly 003.jpg

Put some regular nuts on to take up some space, then 5 flats on each stud. You have to do that to clear the hub on the diff side. The other side just bolts up to the lug nuts. The diff side spacer is about 1 7/8" shorter so the spacing comes out right.

dually assembly 004.jpg

dually assembly 005.jpg

I had a co-worker draw up the bolt pattern- 5 holes on a 4 1/2" circle, I believe. Drilled them to a 64th over 7/16". They don't fit at first,

dually assembly 006.jpg

So a couple minutes with a file to make sure they fit snug over the studs.

dually assembly 007.jpg

Nice tight fit!

dually assembly 008.jpg

Lookin good!

dually assembly 009.jpg

So, by now, you're saying, "Whats so different about these duals? Looks like any other dually garden tractor."*********************************************************************Hold on. I'm only half done.*********************************************************************

done 003.jpg

done 004.jpg

I took some 3/4" round stock, cut two pieces to 17" long, and drilled some 3/4" holes in some flat stock to make the spindles.

spindles 001.jpg

As with everything Littlemarv, a cardboard pattern is a must.

spindles 002.jpg

Bent the rod and tacked the flat iron on

spindles 003.jpg

Carefully cut the tie rod arms off the spindles from a parts tractor

spindles 004.jpg

spindles 005.jpg

They matched up pretty good!

spindles 006.jpg

Welded eveything up, looks like it should work.

spindles 010.jpg

Checked my camber- should be O.K.

spindles 012.jpg

Drilled the dimples for the two setscrews in the Ackerman arm

tie rod 002.jpg

This project is DEFINITELY gonna need the poor mans power steering!

dually assembly 010.jpg

Looks good

dually assembly 011.jpg

I bought some 3/4" spacers from Fleet, had to drill them out as a 3/4" spacer is the same size as a 3/4" shaft. I used about 2" of spacers to get the spacing right.Other than that, its just a matter of packing lots of bearings and trial and error to get them spaced out right. You also need three seals per side, because the inner wheel doesn't get a hubcap! I have a bunch of bearings with the seals built into them, so I had enough.Man, this machine just looks wicked. Having all that extra width makes the whole tractor look lower to the ground. I may have to show this off at some shows next summer. But it won't fit in the truck now! Guess I need a trailer.

done 005.jpg

done 006.jpg

done 007.jpg

done 008.jpg

done 009.jpg

done 010.jpg

done 011.jpg

Of course, as soon as he heard an engine, the boss had to come out and inspect my work.

done 012.jpg

The tires track pretty good!

done 013.jpg

done 014.jpg

I sure wish I had ags all around on it, but I can't justify or afford 4 ag tires, much less 8!The steering effort barely increased, if at all. Thanks for looking!


































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The bearings are called Torrington bearings.

I got mine from a local bearing and seal shop, which used to be an Allis dealer, where my grandfather bought a brand new B in 1948! If only he knew what he started.....

Anyways, the name of the manufacturer is INA,

My reciept shows TOR NTA1220 for the bearings,

and TOR TRA1220 for the thrust washers.

All I did was call them and told them I needed 3/4" I.D. torrington bearings and washers.

They have an outside diameter of about 1 1/8".

I think you can order them from Mcmaster-Carr as well.

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Well I gotta say...You beat me to it! This is gonna be my winter project to figure out how to do Dual fronts...DANG IT! nice work!!! Anychance you wanna make me a setup for the front?

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peterinbrooklyn, I can't really make another set without having the axle and some extra spindles here. I found there are two different axles between my B-1 and B-10 and my parts tractor. Good thing I quadruple checked everything or they would have been wrong. The angles of the bends are way different, and I can't even be sure if any or all of my tractors have the original parts on them.

So, its definitely a custom job!

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