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Weed Cutter Arbor rebuild

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I've begun the rebuild of one of the weed cutters and besides the literal hornets nest it's been pretty straight forward. The belts have become solid and I ordered replacements. Only one arbor turns and the bearings are sealed so I ordered a whole new set of them. (I don't see much sense in rebuilding 3 of the 4.) Until the bearings arrive I've decided to work on some of the paint and get that preserved, but first I wanted to open an arbor and see how bad it was.After removing the large 1-1/8" nut and the set screw collar things came apart easy with some pullers until I was left with the two bearings locked in the arbor with the spacer in between. I don't want to beat the snot out of the assembly as everything is NLA so I thought I would ask; has anyone done this rebuild that could shed some light on the best way to get these out? Should I press these out, or come up with a smaller jaw puller to get them from the inside?I'll get some actual arbor pictures up soon.





Also, what's the best alternate blade available? These look to be in good shape but I'm guessing some sort of edger blade is the best candidate for future replacements? Perhaps just plain old circular saw blades? :-)





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Here's some reference posts about arbors and rebuilds:http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=123876&SearchTerms=arbor,rebuildhttp://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=33982&SearchTerms=arborAnd the B series rebuild instructions:



Sometimes the outer bearing race is rusted to the arbor body and has to be cut off. Since the bearings are being replaced, you can press or beat the inner race and ball bearing off. Then you'll be able to see the outer race and the type of "seat" (solid cut or dimples and a support "washer", see 2nd post above). Before cutting, try penetrating oil/heat on the arbor tube at the bearing location to loosen the rust.



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The blades appear to be about the same size (length) as used on a

32" or maybe a 36" mower deck for the old Broadmoors,

but without the curl on the back edge.

If you cant get the exact replacement, I would think a

mower blade would work ...perhaps even grind off the curl.


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Wat Tom said (above) longer blades, and cut the curl off, resharpen the cutting edge. I replaced all 8 bearings (got them from "VXB". They are the same as those in the 36", 42" deck, etc. $4.95 each.

If you can afford the time, I posted a video, taking the center (main) arbor apart. in fact here is the topic, so far, on my rebuild


The boring 40 min main spindle...

Hope that helps,


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