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I don't have a code or anything, but for my old simplicity's I use valspar acrillic enamel, allis chalmers orange(not Persian but "new") and IH red and mix 4 parts orange to 1 part red. Use the oz measure and be exact and you will be very, very close if not exact. I also add 4oz med solid hardener and use 40-50% med laquer thinner as a reducer and use less for warm (74+ degree about 40%) to more (less than 74 degrees) and it works very well for a hard high gloss finish that will last a decade or more if cared for. If you must use NAPA for a mix tell them 4 parts AC orange with 1 part IH red and they should be able to get a qt from them. Use whatever you wish for thinner but for that nice glossey finish add the hardner. I have not tried urathane or any of the new water based as I have had so much good luck with enamel on our trucks and equipment I have not needed to.

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