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Ice Storm Problem Solved

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The ice storm came through over the weekend and left about 1/8th to 1/4 of ice on everything. Not a problem right? Unless you're a dog trying to walk on frozen grass with the icicles poking up between your pads. (First Photo) Katy, my rescue border collie hated even walking two feet into the stuff. My solution, (Second Photo) I took an old fence gate I had lying around, chained it to the Mutt and drug a path around the perimeter of the property. It worked pretty good, knocking down the sharp grass for the width of the gate. I figured I had to do something because with colder temps settled in this stuff isn't going anywhere for a bit.



We just got back from a walk and she loved it. She is now a happier dog. OK this photo was from the summer but you get the idea.


I like the fact that I can come up with solutions to problems such as this. I would prefer not having them!




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Originally posted by laytonlight


Katy is a mighty good looking Border Collie. I was always partial to Borders; raised and trained several for stock when living on the farm.

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Thanks, Gene and Mark! She's been a great addition to my life. I rescued her a little over a year ago. She was abandoned and living in the crawl space under a rental house on my property (You can see it in the photo of the Mutt). After listing her with the Humane Society and looking for any notices (which there weren't) I fed her for two months trying to get her to trust me but she never would completely. So with winter coming on I had to trap her and she has turned out to be the sweetest most well behaved dog you can imagine. There are signs in her of previous abuse but she's made a lot of progress. (Sorry, getting away from tractor talk here...)

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I own a Sheltie, cousin to your Bordie Collie. Katy is a fine looking dog. I do similar things for my dog - like shoveling long pathways in deep snow around her play area. They have us trained very well...

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quote:Originally posted by fishnwiz

No need to be sorry about getting away from tractors...lots of people here love their animals as much as their tractors and even more!. Nice save on the dog.

id="quote">Definitely! Actually you combined the two nicely.;) Sometimes we think ourselves as silly for some of the things we do for our furry friends, but for what they give us not asking for anything in return, it's not silly at all. I'm posting this with a Great Dane and a Blue Heeler standing in front of me telling I need to get up and do something, I guess I will!:D

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