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3410H - new starter/generator and regulator probs

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On my 1972 Simplicity 3410H 10hp briggs... The 40+ year old DELCO starter/generator went bad (would still crank over/turn without a belt on it - but very slowly - required way too many amps even to do this with no load/belt on it). *Backstory: It hasn't charged very well for the past few years even after replacing the regulator.

Anyway, I bought a new starter (AHGDR0002) and regulator (MES81-1907) from Pat's (psep.biz) since they had the best prices around. NOTE: The GEN/ARM terminal on this new regulator is on the underside of the unit. The "L" terminal is not used on my model of tractor, from what I have found out from reading.

Got everything installed and it all works. However, after a few minutes of running, the voltage output starts climbing above 15 volts. I let it get to about 15.5 volts before I shut it off. I don't want to over-charge my brand new battery and ruin it.

I took the cover off the new regulator and there appears to be an adjustment (by loosening a screw and moving the contact post) you can make on the relay for the Field output terminal. Does anyone know if this is where you make the adjustment to the voltage control, and if so, what way you need to move it to decrease voltage?

With the field relay coil not energized, the field terminal makes contact with the relay's "reed" which is connected to ground. When the field relay is energized, a magnetic field pulls on this "reed" pulling it away from the field contact to remove ground from it - which should have the affect of shutting off the charging circuit in the generator.

I would assume if you adjust the field contact further away from the relay so it would have less pressure on the reed it would decrease charging system voltage, but I'm not 100% sure and I'm tired of having to pull the battery and regulator out of the tractor to make adjustments so I'm asking if anyone here has done this before and knows what to do with these old school mechanical voltage regulators.

Thanks in advance for the info.

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quote:Originally posted by Ronald Hribar

do you have a voltmeter or an ammeter ?standard on tractor is an ammeter and 15.5 amps would be okay

id="quote">Neither. All I have is a GEN lamp.I was using my Fluke 87 digital multimeter to watch battery voltage while the tractor was running and the VOLTAGE was climbing to about 15.5 volts which is too high.

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