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SnoBee 5

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I picked this up last fall, gave the carb a quick once through, everything looked good, it started up and ran good.

snobee 004.jpg

However, now that I finally got a chance to make it bark a little bit, its not up to snuff. I have to run it with the choke full on, it revs up and sounds good, but when you put a load on it the motor just lays down. No power at all. It runs smooth, just slows down so much you lose all the auger speed and it barely throws snow at all. Seems like its not getting enough fuel, especially since you have to have full choke. I took the line off the carb, its got full flow.So, I took off the chute rotator (requires removing three head bolts) and took off the shield to get the carb out. While I was in there, I thought I would be a wise guy and take out the 3/4" pipe elbow and just screw the muffler straight into the block. As you can see by the following picture, it fits great, but now I have no room for the carb. Nevermind on that one...

snobee 009.jpg

I took the carb apart. I cleaned up the jets, they look alright. I took a tiny wire and cleaned out the passages in the threaded brass piece. I may or may not have gotten a piece of debris out of the tiny hole in the second picture.

snobee 010.jpg

snobee 011.jpg

A couple questions:Where do I set the idle and main jets? I know the main is usually 1 1/2 out, but can't remember where to start on the idle.Anybody know where I can get the correct muffler? I only have the Allis manual, not the Tecumseh.Do I flip the carb over and make sure the float is level?

snobee 008.jpg

If anyone has some tips on setting up/ checking the governor, that would be great as well.Thanks in advance for all your help.






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For starts here a and engine book for download.


Some Tecumseh carbs on the idle screw were turned in to richen the mixture. The muffler is nothe more then 3/4" sausage muffler that you can get at any farm store. NAPA has a pretty good line of Tecumseh parts, non OEM.

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I have an old Ariens w/ a Tecumseh and I was told 1 1/2 out for main and 1 turn out for idle. Mine is kind of a finicky motor by nature, but that got me started.

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