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My new Landlord 101

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My new Landlord 101Here's my Landlord 101 that I won on ebay this past week. I drove an hour & 45 minutes to get it. I probaly paid too much for it dz :I $510 & $75+ for gas (my truck only gets 8.5 MPG :o with full time 4wd & 4.10 rears on the highway but was fun to drive :J with a 460 4bbl carb), but these don't come up to often in my area & the paint & seat looked pretty good ( has some blemishes though). I believe it's a 1965 but not sure because the ID tag on the front of the engine is missing. Any other way to tell the year or size of the engine (should be a 10hp)? The paint is pretty decent on the hood & fenders for the year. I can't believe the seat is intact, no rips or tears, looks origonal & all the lights work. The BGB only has 1/4" to 3/8" play compared to my 64LL that has 1" of play & the rear end seems tighter. They said the mower deck has a busted tower. I didn't look under the deck yet but everything spins freely when you turn the top pulley. The clutch pedal sticks a bit, have to pull up on it to go maybe a broken spring or just needs lube? When I turn the steering wheel the mower deck moves back & forth & the front axle pivots, something loose in the front end maybe? The seat has 2 busted rubber mounts that I'll have to find. The tires all have good tread & hold air. Seems to run OK, but surges when I use more throttle, maybe the carb needs a good cleaning. I haven't looked it over with a fine tooth comb yet, but this is what I know at this time. Thought I would share this with everyone. Took lots of pictures here they are. What do you think? Thanks

























I guess I went overboard with the pics.OO

























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You're not going to find a nicer one than that! The 101 is at the top of my list. I've had a few, but haven't found one nearly that nice, and I'd have grabbed it up too. Very nice.

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Since that is a 101 that should be a 243431 10hp engine, and would not have had a tag on the front. I would look at the fan shroud right below the silver decal below the carb the numbers should be stamped there. If I remember correctly the tag on the front shroud was used on the model 23 and earlier.

Otherwise that has to one of the cleanest 101's I have seen! I think you did well price wise. It has a great seat, nice headlights, a rear work light and also a right hand pto pulley that would drive a vacuum. I also see a front pto pulley, what looks like a rear attachment lift bar in the rear lift as well as the original cardboard wiring protector on the vr!

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Thanks Reed,

I'll look for that engine #. My 64 LL 23D had the # on the front. The 101 still has what it looks to be the origonal local dealer stickers on both sides of the white part of the dash plates too. I wonder what happened to all the attachments. The guy said he traded something for it from a guy in his 80s who owned it a very long time from the 60s or early 70s, can't remember what he exactly said but something like that. I still can't believe the seat, fenders & hood are so good. I can see a reflection in the hood its so shiny. There are a couple touch up spots on the hood near the gas cap though but no big deal it still looks good. It also has what seems to be 2 bolts on each foot rest, did it used to have a winter cab on it too?


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Too many pics? ...There is NO such thing on this site!

That is one real nice machine you bought yourself.Does not sound like anything too major issue wise.Thats part of the fun of owning vintage tractors is keeping them running.

Thanks for sharing!

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If you take off the right side cover you should be able to see the clutch spring. I think the 101's had a small one and I have seen a few broken.

The deck moving with the steering will be the steering pivot and probably the bolt are worn out.

There is a piece of angle iron behind the axle with a hole in it for the "wishbone". That hole and the wishbone are probably worn.

The surging might just be an adjustment.

set the throttle wide open, and adjust the bottom screw on the carb in or out a bit and see if it goes away.

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Very nice! If it hadn't been all the way in Pennsylvania, I would have put in a bid too. Glad it came into the club. The seat is the thing we rarely see in that condition. Wish there were someone who was into really repairing the old seats for those of us who liked that old pan with the vinyl curled into the rim. Good luck! Great find.

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Thanks Jim.

Thanks Ryan, Those seat mounts look like the correct ones. I'm surprised they still make new ones. I'll look up ones for the LL & see if they're the same part #.

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The clutch brake pedal shaft goes through two nylon bushings in the boss through the frame, These get crudded up and can be replaced (parts available from Sandy Lake. since the brake and clutch share the same pedal, check the crossing shaft to the brake (left side of tranny case, and make sure it is lubricated, and not binding.


BTW - nice find, and nothing is a short or level drive in PA! LOL


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Thanks Wayne.

The spring is not broken & it returns fine except for the last inch of travel, then you have to pull it back manually. There is also a big mouse nest or something in there that might be holding it up. Once I dig all that out of there I can check those bushings & lube everything up.

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I took off work today because of the snow. I cleaned out the mouse nest today. Lubed all the linkages for the clutch & brake. The clutch was way out of adjustment. I adjusted the clutch & brake as per the manual & WALA everything works OK. I fixed & rerouted the rear light wire so it doesn't get pinched when the seat is lowered & wire tied it off so it doesn't get caught on the driveshaft or linkages. I was able to tighten the nuts on the angle iron on the front axle (see my post on talking tractors for the front axle loose) . I tightened the backlash on the steering gear. Steering feels pretty good now. I greased all the fittings also (2 front spindles, rear axle,& mid pto fitting). Took it outside in the driveway for some fun (minus the hood & 2 side covers). Drove it around my already snowblowed driveway. Did donuts in 3rd gear. Should get better traction once I put the rear wheel weights & chains on. Can't wait to try out my snowblower from my 64 LL on this.

Have some parts coming from Jacks (new gascap, belts, deck bearings, seat mount cushions, spark plug) & Dan(ROKON2813) (nos belts, used belt guard, & used arbor assembly) to fix the busted arbor on the mower deck. Thanks Dan. Thats it for one day.|)

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