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Custom Winterizing Shield

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I've never had a problem with icing on the Briggs carbs till this winter. The negative 45 windchill must have been to much for the old B12. I don't have a OEM Winterizing Shield but nothing a grinder and sharpy cant fix ;)Here is the "EOM" one I started going off of:

Custom Winter Kit 1.jpg

From there I took a few measurements, grabbed a muffler off the shelf and started cutting/folding a flyer from Bigass Fans :P

Custom Winter Kit 2.jpg

Cut it out of a random sheet I had laying around:

Custom Winter Kit 3.jpg

Got it all mounted up. NOT only does it clamp around the muffler like the OEM but I added a folded flange and Hole to mount it tight to the bottom of the carb. Being a Design Engineer I'm always tweaking OEM things XX(

Custom Winter Kit 4.jpg

Custom Winter Kit5.jpg

Keeps the Fuel shut-off and Filter tucked up and warm as well, but still easy to get to from the driver seat. Not to bad for a last minute chop shop eye-balling it duplication.






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