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Sold on the Two-Stage

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I'd been having a ball this winter, pushing snow with the Legacy and a 6' blade on the FEL. Given our robust snowfall and consistent cold this winter, that started to wear on me, however, and I was actually running out of places to go with the snow. So I made a run last weekend to grab a deal on a Legacy 2-stage that had been listed all winter. Well, it's a keeper. I can't see using a single stage again. It's really unreal. The 42" Homelite will be back on the shelf by Monday.




Yesterday we had 9" of that solid, system snow.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnpGIF7bsZYToday I cleaned up 4-5" of lake effect fluff with the broom, then took off after some blower clean up, and then the neglected bike path adjacent to our property. The path was about 15" deep...hard packed, and slow going, but the Berco at that crap up. (and a free hand for a beer coffee!)

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quote:Originally posted by mwells


id="quote">For anyone reading...this guy is to blame! Otherwise, I've always hated blowing snow. Thanks Michael!

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Maybe I can contribute a few more minutes of video tonite. I woke up to another foot this morning. Those weather guru's just didn't see this weekend coming.Forecast was:Fri Nite: 4-8" (we got 9)Sat - 2" (we got 3-4)Sat nite: an inch or less (we got 2)Sun: 1-2 (we got another 3)Sun Nite: 2" (we got 12+)Monday: 2" (we shall see...snowing too hard to see)


So, it's been an active weekend for sure. Figuring we got nearly 30" or so since I left work Friday. For the first time since 2011, I actually had to turn the truck around to find a road I could make it through, to get to town. Had to follow the local dairy farmer as he cleared drifts with a CAT to make way for the milk trucks, and got my truck hung up pretty good, twice.

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Josh, I've really had fun plowing with the Sunstar w/the 4-way hydro blade too...But I gotta say in the bad/frigid weather I cant beat the old 7010 with the Cab & Snowblower.

This has been the best year ever for the cab! I love it....

Congrats on the 2-stage dOd That "Blower" makes a big diff on how far you can launch the snow. I got my 7hp Sno-Bee running and its a 2-stage too. I can blow snow over the house sm01

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