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AC 410 w/Simplicity snowblower belt problems

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Hi all

I have the above setup and may not be using the right belt. So my first question is what length belt? It came with a belt that was useable for one season but then it failed. I've tryed 70", 71", 72". The 70" seems almost too tight, and the 72" seems a little loose. But at $20+ dollars each, frugal person that I am made me come to this forum and ask for your help/knowledge. I can't recall now (I'll play a 64yr. age card here) how well the 71" belt worked???

Thanks in advance for your help


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If it's a 36" blower, the correct belt would be a 1666324SM at 69.3" long.

If it's a 42" blower 1713549SM at 70.1"

Many people say aftermarket belts will not work as well as OEM because of all the twists and backside pulleys.

One season from an aftermarket belt is not that bad if it was used hard.

A good quality 71" belt should work. I personally would go with the 70" that seemed a little tight as long as it disengaged okay and the blower stopped turning.

Welcome to the nuthouse club :D

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If you don't have a Simplicity dealer close by, NAPA has these belts available. They are as close to a Simplicty belt as you can get. Don't settle for green 4L series as they do not hack it on mower deck drive and driven belts !/2" wide and snowblower belts. The heighth of the two are not the same, the green being higher by 3/64 causing it to bottom out and not getting a full grip on the pulley.

For the 69" belt use A67, for the 70" use A68 and 71" A69. The carton has the correct belt stamped on them.

Note A60 corrected to A69. 01/30/14 BT

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I use a 71" belt on my 42" blowers.. on a 416 and a 312 (same belt)..

I have never purchased an OEM belt so I don't know how much better they are.

I have only purchased a blue kevlar belt from tractor supply.

snow the last 5 years...:

2008-2009 149.6 inches

2009-2010 106.2

2010-2011 179.4

2011-2012 50.6

2012-2013 115.4

so 2 years ago it was an easy year...

(my engine failed that year in heavy wet snow

but I think that was due to lean mix caused by

loose throttle shaft on carb under heavy load)

the belt has not failed yet... knock on wood.

On the 400 series you have the luxury of a gauge (sticker)

to determine the proper tension when you adjust the spring tension for the belt.

It is located on the front mule drive bracket.

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