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Landlord 101 mid PTO

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Landlord 101 mid PTOAnyone have any pics on how the mid PTO is setup. The manual doesn't show it on the tractor. This setup seems different from my 64LL. There is some sort of bracket with spring attached hanging below the rear axle. The idler pulley seems very low & hits the adjustment rod when I try to bring it up. Can't seem to get any tension on the belt whatsoever. I'm going to order the correct belts for this also (pto & mower deck), because I don't know what aftermarket belt this is. Any idea on how to correctly adjust the mid PTO, the manual seems kind of vague? Can you adjust it with the mower deck off also?Thanks









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Can't make any adjustments without the deck cross drive belt attached.

Once it is, you can swing that handle back and up and it will lock "over center" to put tension on the cross drive belt.

Then you can adjust the pto handle.

The handle acts the same as the stationary mounted spring on your 64, difference is, you can relieve the tension with the handle to remove the belt.

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Your idler pulley Needs to swing up to engage the belt on top,

there should be a tab on the side of the pulley bracket that will hit the rod keeping the pulley assy. from dropping down. once you put the deck and belt on the lever on the axel with the spring

needs to be pulled back and over center to tension the belt.

To tension the drive belt loosen the set screw and move it

up or down to get the feel you want.

You don't need a lot of tension on the drive belt just snug.

Hope this helps, if you have questions feel free to ask.

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Thanks Jim. Got the idler swung up. I guess the lever near the axle is just there to make changing the belt easier like Dan & you said. I swung the lever back & up too. I'll have to wait for the belts to come in as this was missing the crossdrive belt.Everybody on this site are always very helpful. Thanks.:)











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