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Hey Rod

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I am just north of Rod and this snow is HEAVY and WET, I just bought a Gravely two stage blower and made it 10' before she clogged up :(!:(!. I went to my plow tractor a Homelite T13 (with a B&S 16hp upgrade) and started her up she ran for about a minute and LOCKED up :(!:(!:(!:(!. That is the starter generator belt jumped and lodged in between the fan shroud and the flywheel pulley ngr2. I removed the blower from my AC with a 16 hp Briggs twin and put the plow on that tractor. It WORKED!:D..I then used my Large 'A' frame plow and towed it behind my Suburban results = a cleared driveway :D:D:D:D all within about an hour and a half. Ready for a beer. jh

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Here in Lancaster Pa I had 13" of heavy wet stuff. We are supposed to get another 6" later tonight. My set-up handled it well, and I found the newspaper before it found the blower :DThis rig:


Did this, and a couple of heavy slush plow cleanups:


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Sorry I missed this post earlier.

On the 13th I shoveled my driveway by hand. My 716H with the blade would not start. Too snowy to mess with the points to get it running since it was outside.

My FEL was snowed in way back in the backyard. It would have taken more work to get the tractor around the house to the driveway than it took to shovel the driveway.

10 inches of very wet heavy snow packs up really quickly when pushing it. With a shovel I could throw the snow into the yard and keep the mounds back away from the driveway.

On the 14th I cleared the driveway of an older guy down the street. I used his 5 Hp walk behind blower. This is the one that I fixed about 4 years ago. It did an OK job, but with the heavy snow it was a long process since I could only take a cut of about 1/3 the total width. I have to go back and help him tomorrow. A snow plow came by today to widen the street more and it knocked down his mailbox. Gotta put that back up for him tomorrow.

This snow has been a real PIA. Next snow that is predicted, I will make sure to have the EF1 sitting beside my driveway. When they predicted 9-12 inches I didn't believe them. I figured maybe 3-4. I was wrong and they were right. Oh, well!

I have never been ready when the first big snow hits and wasn't this year either.

As was said earlier, I really need to get that 25 Hp tractor finished and have a blower sitting on it and ready. That will probably completely prevent any snows for the next 10 years.

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