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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

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I had a pretty good setup with my Sovereign, rear weights, and 1690032 snow blower. Started making dog trails at the Fornaro Compound, after last nite's 12 incher:


Forgot about the buried extension cord leading to the run-in shed. In about a second, the tiller wrapped up the cord:


I don't care about the cord, but it yanked the impellor out of the right hand bearing:


I guess the first thing I need is the PDF for the parts list? Please?Second thing: Can this be repaired? The tiller housing will have to be bent back into position.Live and don't learn, seems to be my continued motto.




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I know that feeling. A couple of years ago, I wrapped up one of my neighbors dog cable in mine. Also had a frozen newspaper put a halt to blowing snow at another neighbors house. As they say, "No good deed goes unpunished". LOL!

I was luckier than you were. Just broke one belt. My condolences on the auger being poped out.

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quote:Originally posted by Burntime

I would bet that it just flexed and pulled it out.

id="quote">Or a few selected shots of hitting a 4 X 4 X 30" broadside with a 16# sledge hammer will straighten it out, my number one body tool.dOd

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That's a real bummer. I'm always fearful of what may lay ahead in the snow, and also, which direction the shoot is aimed if I suspect gravel or debris. I've seen some good size sticks/limbs get through the blower (in smaller pieces then when they went in, no doubt).

I went to the aid of a friend who was having trouble with a 716-6 that he got from me, and when we were all fixed up, he hopped on to try out the machine in his now very, very tall grass. It worked great...until he sucked up the dog cable. It yanked it so hard that it pulled the railing it was tethered to, right off his back porch. Didn't hurt the tractor or deck, but was a terrible mess to remove from the spindles. We never did find the end of the cable with the steel clasp.

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