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1966 LL snowblower clog

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1966 LL snowblower clogI finally got my 3 belt snowblower from my 64 LL attached to my 66 LL to test out today on 7" of wet heavy snow.:) I sprayed the chute with some spray canola oil before I set out. The LL just has a standard 6" drive pulley right now, later on I'll put the 8" pulley on. The LL came with a larger 4.5" front PTO pulley, but I took it off because it didn't seem to work with my 3 belt blower, maybe it was off a 2 belt blower (wish I had that blower :drl).







My 1st pass I used 1st gear & it seemed to clog the blower.:( I had read somewhere on one of these threads that you had to move faster with the old blowers so I used 2nd gear & it seemed to work OK for a little while untill it started clogging up again.:( I started to see smoke & realized the belts were smoking :o so I either had to shut the tractor down or quickly get off the tractor & shut the blower down (what a pain).C I took a look at the blower & noticed the small belt didn't have enough tension so I removed the cotter pin & turned the adjuster rod to tighten it up. The middle belt seemed tight enough. The larger belt with the twist seemed loose so I tightened the 15/16 spring loaded nut all the way until it stopped & the spring was compressed. That belt still seems like it could be tighter but there's no more adjustment. I have all new belts on order, maybe that belt is just stretched. So I try blowing in 2nd gear again & I see snow flying forward of the blower & then the chute gets clogged & the tractor almost stalls :( , but the auger is still turning because I tightened the belts :). It seemed to work good in the beginning before I did anything, but I had sprayed the chute with a lot of canola oil. Back in the garage to thaw out in the heat & have a beer :P.





I was running low on canola oil spray so I couldn't keep spraying the chute. I let it dry for a couple hours then I sprayed brakeclean inside the chute to degrease it. The inside of the chute seems kind of rusty.



I had just painted the wheel weights the day before with DE1607 chevy red/orange engine enamel & it leaves a nice smooth durable finish.


I sprayed the inside of the chute & paddles on the auger with the DE1607 for a quick fix & I'll give it a try snowblowing tomorrow.


Anybody have any input for using these old 3 belt blowers (I know get a 2 belt blower), but this is all I have to work with right now. Which gearing is the best with 6" & 8" drive pulleys? I've been using full throttle too. Any other ideas for wet or dry fluffy snow?Thanks,Tim















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Thanks Ron. I'll have to check that. I thought it was but I remember the belt with the twist had come off & I just put it back on without thinking so it could be running backwards.:Q Do these blowers usually blow the snow pretty good (far) when they do work correctly.

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I checked the blower & its running in the correct direction to scoop the snow & push it up into the chute.dOd While I was there I sprayed it with Armour All,sm04 can't hurt. We'll see how it works tomorrow.

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Ronald Hribar

I only have experience with single belt blowers

and the mid pto. Tried front pulley once

did not work well

had some problems with pto clutch slipping.

increased auger speed with sprockets instead of pulleys

welded on paddles and tried rubber

Best results slippery chute

and motor wide open

and Hydros to keep blower full but not too full

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If you nearly stalled the engine, the belts should be tight enough.

However, if you have the spring compressed, either your belt is too long, or the slider is seized up. To check, back the nut off until there is a space between the spring and the nut. With the belt off you should be able to pull the rod out and push it in by hand.

Just went through that with mine. It should have 4" or so of travel.

Mine was seized so bad, even heat did not free it up. I ended up cutting it off and driving the rod out of the tube and welding things back together. (I also broke the rod)

In my experience, the 3 belts do not throw the snow very far, otherwise, they work fine.

You will have to work to find the correct ground speed for snow, depending on depth and how wet it is.

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Thanks for all the input everybody. Now I remember what the thread said about going faster & blowing the snow. Thats only if you have a couple inches of snow. That won't matter today, we got another 5" on top of the 7" of wet heavy snow yesterday afternoon, plus its drifted in spots.sm02 Looks like low gear & WOT today & I think I have some spray wax for chute when the Armour All wears off. Should be a lot more fun than the walk behind blower.8D

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Thanks for all the input. I especially like the PBR idea on the chute. Well Valentines day was a tough day for the LL. We must of got 12 to 16" of wet heavy stuff. The paint & armour all on the chute helped quite a bit. Next year I'll paint the whole auger assembly. It worked ok in the level part of my driveway but the engine was still straining. I backed the needle valve out a turn or two on the carb & it had a little more power but every once in a while it would almost stall when I wasn't blowing at WOT idle. I put some drygas in maybe that will fix it plus the gas was in there when I got the tractor maybe its old. The uneven part of my driveway I kept getting stuck, maybe I need more weight on the rear counterweight. I have the stinger on the rear but I don't have any donuts to put on it. How much weight can you put on the rear stinger? Any ideas for a homeade weight to go on the rear stinger? Going uphill blowing was a problem too (loss of traction) but that snow was very heavy almost like plowing it. Out to my burn barrel on the level I could see I was plowing the snow more than blowing then no more snow would come out the chute. I would lift the blower & back up & then the auger would turn again but the chute wasn't clogged. It was like trying to snowblow a brick wall on the first pass to my burn barrel. I think the snow was just too wet & heavy for the LL. I had to finish with the walkbehind. Today we got another 5" & the LL seemed to work much better. Still need more weight in the rear for traction.



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