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Long travel on 7116H hydro lift arm

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Hi All,

I've been lurking for a while while waiting for the right setup to come up for sale, and it finally did. I picked up a great 7116H today with a 48 deck, 42 blower, and 42 plow.

Super excited.

Going over it, I found that the arm for the lift has a huge amount of travel. Probably 12 inches or more to push it forward to drop the plow. Raising it up seems a lot more normal. Maybe 1 to 2 inches back from center.

I hope that's not normal? And if not, can anyone point me in the right direction to tighten it up? I've done quite a bit of looking and can't find any answers.


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If you are referring to the hydraulic lift handle? Remove nut 31 in diagram. Check number 37 which is the bell crank part number 1667261. The bell crank is more than likely egg shaped which causes that. If egg shaped it needs replaced. It is less than $8 new. I have had to replace about everyone on the tractors that I have bought.


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The nut can be very easy to get to, if you have a long extension. Otherwise, it can be a bit difficult. With the a long enough extension, you can go from the opposite side of the tractor, almost straight through. Maybe a few shorter ones and a deep well socket?

P.S. Welcome to the clubhouse!

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Thanks for the fantastic information and warm welcome, everyone. I'll have to pick up a long extension and see if I can at it this afternoon.

I have to adjust neutral on the hydro, as well as the clutch and parking brake as well. Then a few odds and ends replacement nuts and bolts on the blower chute, the pivot pin on the plow, etc..

I cannot believe how thick and heavy that plow is. That was a shocker.

And I'm sure I'll have more questions as time goes by.


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More information:

Got to it nice and easy with a long extension. Great tip!

I didn't remove the bell crank because I noticed that there was no lock washer between the nut and the washer against the bell crank. When I put the arm back in the neutral location and tightened the nut it had a nice short travel in both directions. If I put a little more pressure, it would slip way forward again.

Is it possible that just putting on the missing lock washer will solve my problem? I'm certainly going to grab one at the HW store tomorrow and try..

Here's hoping. I don't relish the idea of having to screw around with that little linkage to get the bell crank off.


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Thanks guys! You answered my question without even trying!!! I'll see if I can access my lift handle hardware (nut) with a long extension and replace my bell crank to fix a similar problem. It still seems tight in there!

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