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Valve guide part number

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All I could find was for a 325431 0126 99, but the PDF came up with an error...


I have an email request submitted, also.



UPDATE - I just got a copy of the IPL for the engine (range). It does not show any valve guides. It goes from the tappets to the valve and their springs, etc. Yet I know on all this class engine from the 10HP up there were guides. They were replaced on mine when it was rebuilt.

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I have the illustrated parts list for the 325431 engine but it just doesn't show the guides like you said. I have a newer parts list for 326431 engines and that shows a valve guide #231218, they are probably the same I would think.


Here's the repair manual on page 177 it shows the procedure for replacing them. I'm not sure which guide I need without seeing the old one and my block is at a machine shop right now8C. Thanks for all the help

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