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917H - Update

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Now, you'd think that from December, 'til now, I'd be done with this project and on to something else. Well, it just ain't so (LOL).Fast and Furious isn't my style. I've probably spent more time working on the steering than most do on an engine rebuild. It's not that I don't like the idea of hydraulic steering...I just don't like the idea of not being able to steer if the engine quits running.Anyway, here's where I'm at now. I can lay some of the blame for not being any farther along, on all the snow we've had this year. Thank God for the 42" snow blower and the cab!


I've replaced all of the bolts, nuts and washers with Stainless Steel.


Underside of frame with rebuilt steering assembly.


Found a 1/4-28 90 degree fitting from Zorro Tools, that fits nicely into the small space above the steering housing. Added a 12" grease gun extension to make it easier to fill with grease.


Another angle of the fitting from Zorro. To the left of the fitting, I added a 3/4" thrust bearing & race to the steering rod. The Blue that you see is Permatex. I used it to keep grease from squirting out before it gets to the thrust bearing.


This is one of the rubber boots I made to keep dirt and moisture out of the thrust bearings.


I got this cup from e-bay, to hold the thrust bearing and race. I think it should help keep out dirt and moisture. It's been JB welded to the steering arms. Had to shorten the spindle tubes to keep the dimensions correct.


Also JB Welded a 3/4" arbor shim to the steering rod. Using it as a perch for the bushing.


Here's a shot with it mounted. I added 2 floating arbor shims, to get the spacing correct.


I won't remove the protective film on the decals until I'm done, or until they dry rot (LOL), whichever comes first. The quality of these decals is incredible!

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