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Sickle mower

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Interesting info Kent!!

Thats what I love about this site...you learn something new every single day!!I never understood the reason behind the board.

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fish, many thanks, never expected one.

Kent, many thanks, i plan on working it, the info is a great help.

It being only 46 inches it should do great for the pastor, becoming over grown now.

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Kent, Have not measured the knives yet, know that Simplicity takes the 2 inch, Haban 2 1/4 ?, has DB on the rock guards, with the black frame i am to assume it is the Haban sickle head ?

Has the smooth knives, looks like Sickle Service still sells the serrated knives for the Simplicity but what about Haban knives ?

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What is that "green fur" under the tractor? I haven't seen that in months. And given the amount of snow on the ground I don't think I will see any of that for another month or two.

Great find; I would like a sickle bar for the cool factor, don't know if I would be able to use one.


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Cool setup. They do look pretty sweet hanging off the side like that. I picked one up a couple months ago that I want to try to make a little bit of hay with. Mine doesn't have the swathboard either, I was planning on making one because I figured it would make a neater row with it, guess I would have found out in a hurry it was for more than just that

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Thanks guys, Bob, Ricks, Cooper.

The green/brown fuzz is that stuff called grass, lol, i forgot what it looked like too, been a long cold winter.

It does look cool hanging off the side, makes me chuckle, cute little unit, can't wait to try it but that green fuzz is still dead and this has the smooth knives so im not sure how it will do with heavy weeds.

In time,....

I measured the knives and it came to 2 1/4 wide, Haban.

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Yesterday i replaced a few bolts and welded the bracket end for the idler pulleys belt guard back onto the frame, i can see the previous owned attempted to remove the hinge shaft by driving it towards the sickle bar, of course the idler pulley belt guard is seized onto the shaft, i think it was driven back against the bracket welded to the carry frame and snapped it off (part # 6).

I don't understand this at all ?? it took only a few min. to pull the main shaft hinge (part # 4) for removal of the sickle bar and the belt guard is right there ??

Anyways, after soaking in ATF and Kero i carefully drove the pin back and forth until it slid out, little sanding, coating in oil, re-drill the cotter key holes and it was back together.

Looking in the manual (thanks Bob) thinking this sickle is a mix of early and late parts, before the sun set yesterday i made up a manual lift handle but i might as well convert to cable lift anyways.

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