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how to fit out 5 lug front wheels on my 6216

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I came across a picture of roger arnoldis 6216 i purchased one and want to know details of fit out the 5 lug or bigger fronttires from him or anyone else that can help

Thanks, Brian T

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Hey Brian, thanks for admiring my old 6216 (my first Simplicity)

Those 5 lug hubs were swiped from an old small utility trailer I had laying around.

These days, finding 5 lug hubs for a 3/4" diamter axle is no easy task and they ain't cheap when they do turn up.

Beyond finding a set, I had to order up some arbor shims (pack of very thin washers in a range of thicknesses) from McMaster-Carr to allow me to adjust the tension so they would not wobble.

Then there was the problem with the washer welded to the spindle being to big for the seal to get over it so I left the seal out.

If I were to attempt it from scratch, I would just buy the Ball Bearing 4 lug Go-Kart hubs that Northern Equipment sells, and buy 4 lug wheels to fit.

To just get to the 8" rim size without lugs / studs, any set of rims from a large frame simplicity should fir onto the spindles in place of the little 6" stockers.

You will have to adjust the mower deck to get it back to level once you raise the front axle.

Have fun tinkering with yours, be shore to check that the variator pivot arm is free and that the center sheve in the variator is moving freely.

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I used 4 bolt billet aluminum hubs, called idler hubs, from BMIkarts, about 33.00, but I'm running 10" rims and 4.00-10 tri-ribs. If the 8 inch and 10 inch rims have the same bolt diameter, you could use those. They make shorty trailer hub, but their 64.00 each. You could rob 3 bolt rear hubs from a rear engine Deere, or something like it, but there just stamped metal

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I have a 6212.5 and converted it to an 8" wheel from an old sovereign. The bearings are still available through AGCO and fit directly onto the stock spindle with no problems. I'm very satisfied with it so far having the 8" wheels allowed me to use wheel weights while blowing/plowing snow all winter and they worked awesome.

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