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Landlord DLX Update

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Had some time this afternoon to do some more maintenance on the DLX and the parts needed to do it.

Swapped in a new drive belt. Used the green NAPA one I had on hand - thanks for the input on using that belt!

While I had the belt off, I figured I'd go ahead and change out the idler and v-pulley for the belt tension. Tractor has a about 400 hrs on it and since my Dad's Prestige has already eat an idler, I'd do it while I had the drive belt down and maybe avoid this service for a long time and not have an old pulley take out a new belt prematurely.

New drive belt also on the 50 inch deck. Spindle belt looks good.

Ran out of time, but other things I need to do (and have the parts on hand) are change the hydro fluid and filter and tube two more tires as they are slowly leaking down.

Knock on wood, hope this maintenance is few and far between and when I'm finished, I've got a go to tractor that for all practical purposes is new again and will give me many years of headache free service.

Thanks for everyone's tips as I move along with this tractor.


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Made another incremental update to the Landlord DLX. Put a tube in the other front tire and greased the wheel bearings. 3/4 of the tires now have tubes and the last one, a rear tire, is slightly leaking down a bit over a couple of weeks, so it will get a tube soon. After that, I'll change the tranny fluid and filter and hopefully I've got a drop dead reliable tractor on my hands.

BTW - never had a front tire/rim off my Dad's Prestige, but in this Landlord, even though the spindle is 3/4 inch in diameter, it has tapered roller bearings vs sealed bearings on my other color tractors. In fact, I've only seen these type bearings on garden tractors where there were 1 inch spindles. What's odd about the Landlord's set-up is that the bearings and wheel are held on the spindle by a lock ring with a cup point set screw vs a castle nut and a cotter pin. The down side of this is the set screw has the potential to mar the spindle, making it difficult to get the bearings off of it. The other thing is - I'm wondering if one were to take a turn to sharp and the stars weren't properly lined-up, would/could the side load push the wheel off the spindle? I haven't looked at or ever pulled the front wheels on my Agco Allis 918H (aka: Sovereign), is this lock ring design something Simplicity used on other tractors?

Since I got the RPM's up to speed, the 14 hp engine is doing pretty good with the 50 inch deck. I get into the governor with it some, but so far no where near close to stalling the engine or really slowing of the RPM's under load - just more grunting of a sound.

Very pleased with this tractor.



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Simplicity has used that collar on the front wheels since the first tractor in the late 50's.

The tapered roller bearings started soon after that.

I have never heard of a wheel coming off unless the set screw was loose.

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