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Ronald Hribar

May have saved a Kohler

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Ronald Hribar

was at a friends house last night

He bought a Legacy about a year ago

He was discussing how hard it was to put the deck

that it was so heavy in the front.

And that he had a hard time not having the motor

run backwards, when he shut it off

He was idling the motor for a couple of minutes

and it did not help.

I told him proper way was to shut it off

between half and full throttle.

I wonder why there is even a throttle

if it should be run full throttle for proper cooling

and for the Hydro to work properly

Generators operate that way

why not Tractor ?

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I always shut off my commands wide open, haven't had any troubles since. I do let it run it wide open for about a minute before shutting down. As for the throttle, I've read that its better cooling ect.. but as far as I see it, you are putting out more heat to need to cool than at a slower speed anyways, increasing engine wear and burning more fuel that's not necessary. I have many command engines and never run them wide open unless I need the power, same with the old magnums. I have never had a problem

I have also heard that 'full throttle' is better for the transmission, but the sundstrand specs state pump RPM '0-4000rpm' Which indicates there is no minimum required speed. Now, maybe running at higher speeds will increase pump life, but when they last forever already, it's not something I worry about. I guess I'm saying I use the throttle lever regularly and full speed is rare unless mowing long grass.

It just seems suspicious that the companies want you to run your machine at full throttle all the time, which is going to wear out faster and require replacement sooner.

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Who says it would wear out faster and be required to be replaced sooner? The engineers that designed these motors should know what they are talking about. After all they do have a degree in there field and not a hunch.

Been running the Command in my Prestige wide open for 12 years now when mowing. It doesn`t use oil at all. If I would have run it at half throttle does that mean I would have gotten another 6 years use out of it or would I have burned it up by now since the manual states to mow at wide open throttle?

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I would say physics would say it would wear more. Cylinders and rings wear because they are being used, traveling back and forth in the cylinder. Likewise, the more revolutions per minute(RPM), the more revolutions your rods and crankpin turn. At 3600RPM they travel back and forth many more times than at 2200RPM.

Time isn't an accurate measurement of wear as there are so many variables such as speed. Hours of use is a rough indicator of an engine's condition, but it's the number of strokes/revolutions that would be the best indicator. These engines last a long time even at wide open, personally I see no advantage to running the engine faster than needed and having moving parts turning and wearing faster.

I have the fuel consumption numbers from kohler, for a CH20 at 3600RPM the approximate consumption is 6.7 litres per hour. At 2200 the consumption is 4.3 litres per hour. My logic is Why waste over 3 liters an hour if it isn't necessary?

I'm not arguing, just suggesting a logical point of view, as what we are told isn't always right. If there was no friction or increased fuel consumption, or increased heat from burning more fuel and making more power, 3600RPM would be a great speed to run at. And I don't think it takes a degree to see things wear from use.

I can say from experience running at less that wide open will not overheat MY engines.

All I'm saying is that I haven't have a problem running them slower than wide open, there are too many variables such as hours, oil cleanliness ect. But it can't be argued that Kohler and all companies manufacture engines for sale, and physics apply to all engines. Last I looked in a manual I thought it was 'recommended' to run the engine wide open, not mandatory. Which also suggests you won't damage it running it slower.

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My understanding of this topic, being relatively new to the hobby and devouring everything I can from the collective wisdom here, is that the air flow necessary to maintain proper engine temperature is the reason behind the WOT recommendation. I also thought that fuel consumption was a function of HP being produced; that it would require more fuel to maintain RPM under load than unloaded. That being said, I'm running older single-cylinder engines and vary the engine speed when needed. I cut at WOT and choose my gear to match my needs. I throttle down to shut off out of necessity; it won't restart hot if shut down running at a full trot. Very interesting discussion. Dave

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Ahhh, now I see! I have been running at WOT for too many years and now I have a bad back! I knew I never should have worked at that speed fir that many years! sm00

I think it had something to do with the ethonal based scotch I have been fueling up with!|)

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Not sure what the other manuals state for the Command. Just going by what my manual states for the Prestige with Command.


1. Set the mower cutting height to the desired level and

set the gauge wheels to the appropriate position (if


2. Engage the parking brake. Make sure the PTO

switch is disengaged.

3. Start the engine (see STARTING THE ENGINE).

4. Fully lower the mower using the attachment lift lever.

5. Set the throttle to FULL.

6. Engage the PTO (Mower Deck).

7. Begin mowing. See Section C for tips on mowing

patterns, lawn care, and troubleshooting information.

8. When finished, shut off the PTO and raise the mower

using the attachment lift control lever.

9. Stop the engine (see STOPPING THE TRACTOR


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