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Battery Ignition on 3415 Sovereign

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I am getting ready to do a battery ignition conversion on my sovereign.

I have found lots of great info here on the subject, but I am still left with a question for the experts.

First, some background...

This is where I got all of the part no's and instructions:


And Wiring Diagrams:


The question I have relates to the toggle switch. My tractor has a key. So do I really need a new toggle switch for the new coil? Can't I take the White wire which runs from the ignition switch to the armature and use that as a power supply to the new coil?

For reference, here is a picture of the wiring diagram:


I really would like to do this without adding a toggle switch as I am sure it will forget it now and again. Even if it means replacing the ignition switch with one that can do this, I would prefer that.

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