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Oil Sentry Protection - Slope Insurance?

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Since I wired the Kohler "Oil Sentry Protection" feature into the shutdown circuit on my Command engines, do I now have "fail safe" slope protection?

That is, if I'm traversing a slope that is too great for the engine (spec: max angle of operation = 25 degree all directions), the oil pressure will become low and the engine will shutdown preventing damage.

Besides oil pressure, is there another reason for the angle of operation spec? Maybe carb operation, but that wouldn't be catastrophic IMO.

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I would think with a pressurized engine, it would have to do with starving the oil pickup. With a splash lubed engine I assume it would be a similar problem, but either way, I believe angle of operation as relates to these engines on these tractors, is about lubrication issues and not other items.

Just my unedjumicated guess.

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The gospel according to the Kohler OM for Commands:

"Oil Sentry™

Some engines are equipped with an optional Oil

Sentry™ oil pressure switch. If the oil pressure

decreases below an acceptable level, the Oil Sentry™

will either shut off the engine or activate a warning

signal, depending on the application.:

Somewhere, the answer is between a set of lines, but I haven't found it yet.

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