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Fuel Flow

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.....35 years ago I bought a well used, neglected, and

broken Landlord (314)......I repaired the broken ears

on the BGB, the shifter ball in the transmission selector,

and whatever else it needed.....It came with a very rusty

tank (I know they're repairable for about $20-) and we

used it to haul gravel and wood for many years, as is.....

Because the tanks in Landlords are so low to the carb,

and as filters were added, because the rust didn't heal,

the flow to the carb diminished more as the fuel level

dropped, especially after the addition of a good paper

pack inline filter.....So...

I decided to do a little plumbing (FOR FREE)...

I took an old used Mikuni Snowmobile fuel pump, plumbed it's

pulse line into the oil filler plug on the 23D for pulsation impulses, and fastened the pump to the SG mount w extended


I plumbed the fuel line from the tank - after 1 filter

and 2 screens - to the pump inlet, and because these carbs are

not designed for pressure feed, I put a "Y" in the pump outlet

to bypass excess fuel to the tank...I put the other line "from

the Y" to the carb inlet with a final paper pack filter in it....

The tractor runs better than it ever did, now with

consistent float levels and carb adjustments - because - with

the height of fuel being pumped up through the "bypass line" -

the carb thinks that it always has a "full tank" of fuel that

now sits about 4" higher than the fuel level in the OEM tank...


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