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Need tracing of right lift lever quadrant.

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I am in major need of a right hand lift lever. I figure why reinvent the wheel.

This is for the FOOT DRAGGERS...

If someone can make me a tracing of the quadrant (all three parts) I would trade you a completed duplicate in exchange for the time and postage 8D

I need the following tracings, preferably on card stock or tagboard... You will need the quadrant removed from the tractor to make the tracings.

* The flange surface that bolts to the tractor frame, including the holes.

* The curved portion that the lever rides on

* The horizontal portion that connects the two above pieces. The easiest way to get this measurement may be to lay or wrap the paper on the top or bottom, then I can re-create by laying your template at the angle/curve as the top of the template for the mounting flange.

If you would prefer a bit of $$ instead of the duplicate that can be arranged also.

I think I can get the handle from previous pictures that I found searching the archives, but that quadrant has so many variables a template would save a lot of trial and error.

If anyone else is interested in one, I could make up more. I can't say a price for sure until I have made a prototype and have a template to work from but if I am doing several at a time I would guess about $50.

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Yes, I am making them and sell the complete unit for foot draggers for $160 plus shipping. I also make several other items including the front counterweight, various front and rear light brackets, hi/low parts, revitalizer blades, and the B-series front PTO shield.


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Thanks for the info guys.

I don't want to step on any toes or make any enemies here but I'd still like to make my own since I have a couple of tractors, and like doing that sort of thing.

I hope Dan and Ray can understand that I am not intending to compete with them or put them out of business. I just want to complete a project and thought I would offer other members a hard to find piece this one time since I didn't know someone was already making them.

The offer still stands for a free quadrant in exchange for the tracings. For all others I refer you to Dan and Ray for what I am sure is an EXCELLENT reproduction 8D

Thanks again!

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